Autumn Is Coming

I felt a little cold when I waked up every morning in these days, the temperature seems fall a little bit. I think it is the time for me to wash some autumn clothing, to cover me and avoid the slight chill in the air. I haven’t seen any leaves turn yellow or fall down, but I know autumn time is coming to town. Human beings, prepare for the white winter, the chilling snow and the frozen cold. Bring on warmth gloves, make a big fire in the fireplace, oh don’t forget serve yourself a cup of hot lattes, it makes you vigorous and snug.

What I like most about autumn is the change of temperature between the two seasons, the other one is of course summer. When you are in summer, as if you go through the Sahara desert all by yourself under the venomous sunlight. And once the fall drive summer away, it is like you go across the door of supermarket with air-conditioner installed, it is just like you have a shower in a sealed and hot room, and after that you leave the room, that feeling, that pleasantly cool, I know you get it.

Autumn is coming, and so do the fruits and paddies.

Ukraine. Flag colors

I wonder colors do exist or it is just our nervous system does the work, but I actually can feel the beauty of our nature, the yellow color of autumn , and colors of other seasons. Summer is green, winter is white, and spring, I will say it is colorful.

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