Counting Cards Should Be Legal

First of all, here is a news about what we are going to talk about today.

Don’t care about what the society says, the casinos and poker players, just think about all by yourself, with your own logical and rational mind. Ask yourself: “Is card counting legal?”, then start to go through the question in your head. Every normal person will get the same answer with no need to get to the bottom of it. Because this is it, so simple, so sensible, nothing can refute the answer. What is the answer though? It’s legal and make sense, ask rhetorical question to yourself, why can’t I count playing cards, why?  And to the next level, card counting should be legal and legislated, that is casinos have no rights to ask a counter to leave.

What actually is card counter? We should announce it correctly, otherwise there may be loopholes to people who would take advantage of them. To me, a counter is very different to card shark, or poker cheater. Cheating at poker game is obviously illegal, either to casinos or other gamblers. If you play five card draw, you don’t want to lose just because others cheat on you. Those cheaters often use some poker cheating system as help, such as poker analyzers and marked cards system. But card counters don’t, they play poker under the rules, they just use their memory skills to help them win as possible as they can. If using memory is illegal, then what the hell should we remember all the rules of Texas holdem, the royal flush or fours, we just go to buy some lotteries and wait for the luck hit us.

Casinos should open their minds, if they don’t wanna lose, train their dealers to be masters at counting too. After all, memorizing poker cards is not that easy job for everyone. Cheating is intolerable, but counting is just nature. I heart about online gambling, I would like to know what they can do to online counters. I like this answer by ZCT on yahoo, you should check it.


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