What Is Poker Analyzer

There are very little information on the internet talking about poker analyzers there, but it is obviously not a flower vase just for people to know its existing, especially not for those who are experts in poker cheating field. How can some people earn so much money in casinos and gambling, well, only two answers, one is normal because of skilled and experienced players there are, the alternative answer is cheating by help of some advanced devices. One of them is poker analyzer.

So what actually is poker analyzers? It is not just a tool all by itself, instead it is a set of cheating devices, the compounds of it often contain spy cameras,  analyzer and output devices. The spy camera in charge of collecting all the other players’ cards by reading the pre-existing barcode on the back of marked cards. So you should prepare for a deck of marking playing cards also. Then analyzer analyze the codes and find out what cards they are and put them in order as convenience for cheaters. At last, output devices such as earpieces or vibrators or others do that effect.

So you can see, at least for one thing, it is an advanced and high-tech stuff, it is not magic and do all the things for you. If you still want to win money, you should try to make your own efforts, too.


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