10 Interesting Family Names About Poker

When poker becomes very popular with the young and the old all over the world, more and more people are curious about the famous people and interesting stories behind poker. Indeed, poker is an interesting game for people in their spare time. It can not only make people happy but also make them rich sometimes. In order to satisfy poker fans’ curiosity, here I will be happy to share 10 interesting family names about poker game with you.

NO.1 Gamble

Gamble is a general term in poker. This is because that poker can not only be considered as a game for amusement but also a gamble for fortune. However, looking up it in a surname dictionary, you will find that gamble is one of English family names. It means old. As said, it is originated from the language of Old Norse in northern Europe. Although Gamble is not a common family name, there are still some famous people who have this surname. Take James Gamble for example. He is one of the founders of P&G, a leader in the mass market cosmetics industry. He set up a P&G in a financial crisis with his brother-in-law William Procter and finally they both made P&G one of the largest and most famous companies specializing in producing goods for everyday consumption.


NO.2 Bridge

Bridge is short for contract bridge, which is a kind of poker games. When it comes to poker, people will think of bridge, because bridge is selected as the highest ranking in all kinds of poker games. In terms of surnames, Bridge means a medium between two places. Among a crowd of celebrities, we can discover Wayne Nichael Brdge is a good example. He made his debut in Southampton Academy in 1998 and has played football for Chelsea, Manchester City and Fulham. Besides that, Wayne Nichael Bridge has also made 36 appearances for the English national team. He has once represented England in the World Cup.


NO.3 King

In a poker glossary, a king is a playing card with a picture of a king on it. Seeing from poker point, we can know king is a major card. However, King is also an interesting surname for people who speak English. It was evolved from an old English word “cyning”. Its original meaning is a tribal leader and later it is equal to people who have kingship. People love to use it as their last name to show their social status. We can find some famous people who have this interesting surname. For instance, Martin Luther King is a famous American civil right leader, who was graduated from university in 1948 and got a further education between 1948 and 1951. He addressed a famous speech I Have a Dream in 1963. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 because of his contributions.


NO.4 Jack

In a poker game, a jack is a playing card with a picture of a jack. However, in a surname glossary, it is a popular family name to show a man’s good quality. When it comes to “Jack”, people will think of strength and persistence. As a result, it is a male family name and Jackson is its derivative surname. Among celebrities who contain this surname, Michael Jackson is a typical example. It is known to all of us that he was a famous person who has many titles, such as American singer, songwriter, dancer and performer, pacifist, charity founder, etc. He has initiated electric boogaloo and moonwalk. In 2010, he was awarded Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.


NO.5 Blind

Blind is a common term in a poker gamble. In order to make a game go on smoothly, a banker has to force a man sitting clockwise to make a note (also called small blind) while a man sitting next has to make two notes in the game (called big blind). Just looking around, we can find some people take Blind as their last name. Let’s take Daley Blind for example. He was born in Amsterdam on 9th, March, 1990. Daley Blind is a Dutch football player with a bright future in his football career. At present, he is one member of Dutch national football team. This year, he has represented Netherlands to take part in the World Cup.

NO.6 Stake

As a professional poker player, I think you must be very familiar with this word “stake”. As a matter of fact, stake is a frequently-used word in the game of poker. When a dealer finished dealing cards, all players are required to stake in the round of the gamble. However, in our daily life, Stake is also a very interesting surname for a man. If you are interested in designing, you may know Phillip Stake, a well-known French legendary figure in the designing area. His extraordinary works can be seen from hotels in New York to presidential private residences in France.


NO.7 Hand

If you have good luck in a poker game, it often means that you have a good hand of cards. Hand is a common poker term while it is a rare family name for a man in English countries. In fact, it is a main feature for the European to take human organs as their surnames, such as Armstrong, Tongue, Brow and Ear. When it comes to Hand, I think most people will think of Learned Hand at once. He is a notable judge who has put forward a Hand formula in a case, which has established his position in law.


NO.8 Queen

In a pack of poker, a queen is a playing card with a classic picture of a queen on it. In the poker point ranking, queen is a major card. However, as a family name, queen is a symbol of a person’s social status. Moreover, it is usually used as a female last name. For this surname, I think Molly Queen is a fit notable person. She is a new star in American acting area. By so far, she has played the leading roles in two well-known TV shows.


NO.9 Call

In my point of view, call can be said to be the most common poker term, which may be used by a player more than ten times in a round of a poker game. When we play poker, we can often hear our partner says it is your turn to call. Actually, bid is formal while call is oral. When call is used as a surname, we can find some celebrities who have this interesting last name about poker. Take Brij Mohan Call as an example. He was an Indian army lieutenant general, who had never fought by himself but got crony promotion.


NO.10 Card

It is known to us that poker is a card game that has been favored by a large number of people all over the globe. In general, there are 54 cards in one pack of poker while there are 36 cards in a pack of Russian poker. In our daily life, we can discover some people take Card as an interesting surname. For example, Orson Scott Card, a popular science fiction writer in America, has been awarded many important awards in the literary arena. Ender’s Game is his representative works.

Wrote by Miss Lin.

ten poker last names

ten poker last names


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