Best Gift for Dads on Father’ Day in 2015

Father’s love is like the sunrise, open, straightforward and sincere, while mother’s love is the moon, kind, tender and unselfish. However, most of the time, we are inclined to ignore our dad as he is not good at expressing himself. He is always dedicated to the family with heart and soul but in silence. On father’ day, there is a must for us to give him a precious gift to show our gratitude. Fathers’ Day is around the corner! This is a good chance for us to give our sincere regards to dad.

Have you prepared Fathers’ Day gift for your dad yet? I guess you may be in a loss and have no idea. Now, let’s look at the best gift for dad on Father’s Day in 2015.

It is known to us that dad is the hardest work in the world. He needs to work very hard outside to earn money in order to support family. He needs to help do housework inside when he comes back home after work. He needs to be concerned about his babies like mother. There are too many things waiting for busy dad to do everyday. As a result, our dad is in bad need of relaxation and entertainment in their precious free time. In view of this point, out of sincere gratitude and appreciation, we are supposed to prepare a special and funny gift for dad on his day.

In my point of view, compared with many other kinds of parental presents, poker can be considered to be the best gift for dads on this Father’ Day. Although it is a small item, it can make a big difference to you and your dad to an extent. It is not very dear in price but poker is absolutely dear in emotional value. Generally speaking, the values of poker as a Father’ Day selected gift can be embodied in the following aspects.

To begin with, it is a good way for dads to play poker to relax themselves in their spare time or when they are off work. Usually, after a day of hard work, it is very necessary for him to take a good rest and have some fun by means of playing cards. Playing poker needs no excellent skill and much practice. As long as you are devoted to poker game, you can not only make your body and mind relaxed but also help yourselves recover from stressful work very soon. In a sense, it is better for all dads to play poker than other recreational activities.

In the second place, poker can serve as a good communication promoter. It can be a perfect bridge between your dad and family members. At preset, it is quite for people to get together all the time, so there is no much time for family members to communicate with each other. Why do we take the chance to promote communication and strengthen relationships between you and your dad? Through playing card with dad, we can have a better understanding of reserved dad and learn how to communicate with him in a relaxed way. In a poker game, we can not only have fun but also make our hearts closer and closer, no matter how far we are.

In the next place, poker play is a brain developing game. It is beneficial for elder dads to take to poker game in their later life. As we know, the old are prone to many different diseases, such as senile dementia, osteoporosis fracture and autism. To a large extent, the existence of poker is for all old dads in this planet. It can increase dad’s intelligence and slow down aging. In the process of playing poker, dads can keep their brains active and energetic all the time. Moreover, their brains can be as young as possible if they keep playing cards with other people. Of course, it is better for you to have a poker-loving dad. You are able to improve the poker playing skills with each other. If no, it doesn’t matter at all. You can give one pack of playing cards to your dad as a special festival gift and teach him to play poker. Both of you can enjoy the poker fun with one another at home.

Last but not the least, dad has a lot of free time in the later life while as a son or daughter, we can not have enough time to be with him because we have to work and do many other things. Because of this, most dads suffer from autism and live not as happily as before. In my mind, it is a son or daughter’s duty to make dad live with happiness when he is old. Therefore, on Father’s Day, we can prepare a pack of exquisite poker for dad as a gift and go home to play poker with dad. At playing, we can bring him our good news and share our happiness with dad. When we leave, poker can be a good item to help dad spend boring days and enrich his life. With so many attractive features, poker is the best gift for dads on Father’s Day. Love him and give him the best!

Wrote by Miss Lin.


a deck of aces as father day's gift

ace poker gift


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