Head to Future

Good news, I got a time machine; Bad news, there is a catch. The catch is you must use the machine, only go to either future or past and will never return home. I dumbfounded and said “what?”, I guess things will never go perfect.

If there are only two one-way travels I can choose, future or past, then I think my best choice should go for the future. Why? Because I am a man like beauty. The beauty of women, the beauty of nature, the beauty of beauty per se, the beauty of universe, the beauty of humanity, the beauty of human future, the beauty of a better world.

I’ve learned about history at school, it has taught me a lot and has impacts in ever aspects of my life and cognizance. I learned history through textbook, materials, archaeology and words from ancients, they gave me a quite large picture of how did it looks like in the past. I’m not a historian, but I can still tell historical stories to future children. We learned about both good things and great achievements of the past, and also stupid and  bad things. Deep down in my soul, I know that was not a world I look forward.

I put my hope into the future, and I guess that’s my only hope. I know things would not get better soon in just several decades, but great news is I am got a time machine, I can still travel to the far future which will eventually become a destination for me. Before that, I will travel and travel again. When I hit the best point, I will stop, and then I settle down to get a real life. A life that is peaceful and inner peace.

But nevertheless, if I own the ability of time-traveling and there is no such limitation as the catch above, I will definitely wanna go back to past and have a clear look. I mean, there are still times that suitable and interest me, especially the ancient times, like Jurassic period, to see dinosaurs, and Ordovician period, to see nautilus and trilobite.

So which way you will choose to go and never has chance to go home again?



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