Invisible Ink Glasses

One of methods of card marking is daub invisible ink on the back of cards, it’s simple and more safe.  Two ways exist to do such job out there, one is using a pre-made deck full of marked cards or just some of face cards, another one is use some sleights to smear this kind of sightless inks to playing cards while you and other poker players are into it. Pre-made decks are for the situation that you host the game, and trick sleights are on the other side. Those invisible inks are really can not see by naked eyes, unless you are superman, just kidding.

And if that is supposed to be just so, how can the cheater himself detect to cards later on which he did marks on them? Well, that’s not a problem actually, you know the different between visible light and invisible light is just the wavelength of electromagnetic wave. So our naked eyes can not approach the invisible ink is because the wavelength of it is not located at visible light frequency spectrum. If we get a method that could translate unobservable stuff into things that can be saw, problem will solved. And that’s why we come out of devices like glasses which has ability to recognize those signs on the back of poker cards.

Glasses is cool, and most important is it is not banned at casinos. You can both show your poker face and read marked cards through this amazing cheating devices. And at the mean time, don’t forget bring your little bottle of  invisible ink to gambling, and previously daub them on your little finger or sleeves. And when you are playing Texas holdem or five cards draw, use the ink to mark the cards you think important, for example, ace and king. Think about the symbol you want to distinguish from ace to king in case of you totally forget and everything is in vain. And better to practice it often at your own place before you get to real fight, because it is easy though but dangerous anyway, cheating is never good, so use it and play it at your own risk.

This blog post is just an introduction to those cheating methods and devices, not boosting them. For more information you should know as gamblers, there are other forms besides glasses, such as spy camera and poker analyzer. Those things are all sold online, easy to buy them.

At last, here is a fun article to show you how to make invisible ink by lemon juice, interesting, you should see: link here.


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