Keep It, Ritual Night

Let’s assume tomorrow is my big day, I’ll have a wedding, two hundreds of people will show up and attend my wife and mine’s sacred ceremony. They are my honey and mine’s best friends, relatives, neighbors ,school classmates who are long time no see, and workmates and so on. At that time, all of the eyes will fixate at us, make me feel uncomfortable especially. I am not a socialized guy, I am not sure that I can handle this kind of situation. If this is something else that does have the same effect, I may have performance anxiety, and probably would prefer not to do it and leave finally. But it is my wedding, a big day in my life, I must go, I must on the altar.

So What should I do? In fact, the old me would be freak out, but now, after years of training and practicing of making me calm down internally, I am not afraid of any party like this, although I will still be uncomfortable in all social occasions.

What I have been consistently training are about two things, or I prefer to call them a lifestyle. One is keep doing things ritually, and another is meditation.

Yes, on that big night, I will continue to do things that I usually do in every night before. If I have new missions as a bridegroom, I finish them. And if I have nothing new to do, then I come back to my regular routine, do stuff I would like to do every night. The stuff I am now doing every night are catching up new TV shows, learning online courses about  academics etc, and go to bed early. Keeping a ritual day is very good for getting things done at a high efficiency and knowing what is your real purpose. When you make a ritual plan and clear about what you should do and not to do, you won’t waste your time and life.

Meditation is a really helpful tool or method to calm down one person’s mind both in short time and long run. After three deeply breathe, you would almost turn your anxiety and press into thin air. And once you stick on this mental practicing, you will see the big change of your mind and also your life. You will be enlightened and able to find a big world. And meditation is not a magic power or something like that, it’s just the nature and it is what it is.

Yes, that is exactly I am going to do on the eve of my wedding, believe it or not.

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