Wrong Poker Shmictionary

Poker, this game was invented in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1829 and soon it has spread to all over the world. Now it is part of Chinese daily life, and we all call it pu ke(as transliteration to poker). When I was a kid, spent time with my friends around, anyone said “let’s play poker”, it really meant any card games played by children. That’s the way we call all card games as poker, and we rarely call it card games. The other day I was told that I have the meaning of poker in the wrong dictionary, I’ve always put it in the Shmictionary.

Now I am clear of it’s meaning, poker refers to the games of betting and gambling, while card game is a game played with standard 54 English deck of cards with two jokers. So basically games like Texas holdem and five card stud are poker, because they need money to attend. Others like old maid and go-fishing, are card games played for fun and recreation. The mistake I’ve made was called all card games as poker, but may be it’s not a mistake, it’s a different exists in cultural diffusion especially between west and east.

The order:
Poker – > Deck – > Spread to China – > Transliterating to pu ke – > Meaning changed to all card games – > Other card games came

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