One Is Enough

You may argue what the perfect number of people to participate a good conversation is, but it really is a thing depend on where does the conversation go. If it’s a meeting about some big problems of company, then may be all the employees should be a part of it, and if it is a causal group talk, then a few people is just OK. To me, when it comes to personal problems or something like that, there are several options, you can pick one or all of them. As you can have people to talk with or just speak to yourself, just choose one or both that suit for yourself.

Some people may need others’ help to find out what is wrong with them and figure out solutions. That’s fine, just join some related groups, share your problems or questions, listen to others, give your own opinions for others also, then you may work out yours by the help of your group members. Or you are not prefer strangers, it’s OK to ask your friends and family to help, if they are available. Or seek help from your best buddy, and have a tête-à-tête if he or she agrees. These are the methods that you think you can not just do it on your own, so you need help from surrounding and social.

Some people may be more comfortable in a conversation which is just himself or herself, it’s inner monologue. You can totally host this kind of tea parties just yourself, and in fact I encourage you to do this more often, to speak to yourself, your brain, your body, and your mind. Think of our whole body as a computer, our ears and eyes are just input and sometimes can be output devices just almost the same with mouses and keyboards. What other people’s words and contacts to our body and our mind, sometimes they are just clicking the mouse and knocking the keyboard. The real effects can be only done by you, through talking to yourself and thinking deeply in soul.

Empathy is a very good thing and I think everybody should handle it, yes, I say handle, because it is not a thing that we’ve born with, it is rather a thing we learn and practice. We will feel painful when our head shove the door, but other people around you can not tell how painful you are suffering, vice versa. So it’s an ability to study and handle.


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