My Desk Is Only a Background Image

First of all, this is how my desk looks like.

computer desk backround

only an image and nothing else

See, only a big and high-definition picture, by the way the galaxy is Sombrero Galaxy, M104, very beautiful, isn’t it?

I don’t wanna put anything on my desk, I like empty but a beautiful screen. Files, images, Mp3s and videos should all stay where they should be. Why I did this way is simply because there is no sense to put things there to disturb the view and also is not necessary, several software are out there ready for help you to find what files you want to open swiftly and expediently, most important is we can enjoy the images we set as background.

I use Alt-Run software, install it and set commands to your files that usually would be used. For example, if I want to open my music player, I set commands in alt-run and point to the location of EXE file of that music player. After setting was done,  press pause/break button on your keyboard to run alt-run, and input the command you set(always not need to input the whole command) and when the command entry can be found, it will emerge, then you press enter key, bang, my music player opens.

altrun command line

altrun interface

So, now you can see, it is really unnecessary for me to put all things on the computer desk. You know computer can help us many things, especially the “saving our time” things, so cherish your time by using efficient tools. I mean, when it comes to find “computer” files, why not let computer do this job instead of our eyes.

So this is today’s WordPress prompt, anyway, I hope it can help you something.


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