How to Read Mind Behind Poker Faces

In our daily life, we are often lost in such a confusion that we thought we can understand each other better than others while the reality is not the case. We get acquainted and have got along well with each other for a long time, but we still can not get a good understanding of each other. The reason for it is that we can not read people’s mind. In the following, I will provide you with several useful steps to help you read the mind of the guy you care.

Method One:

It is known to us that eyes are the window to the soul. In order to read a person.s mind and see through him or her, we are supposed to take a careful look at their eyes. According to a survey, the change of pupil size shows whether we like the information that is presented in front of us or not. For example, when we see a beauty or a handsome guy, our pupil will usually turn big. Besides that, there is a research showing that our  pupils will become big when we meet our peers. For example, if you are one member of the liberty party and you see Martin Luther King, your pupils will unaware become bigger than usual. Therefore, when w want to read one’s mind, we can take notice of his eyes at first, because eyes can expose what he really think in the bottom of his heart to us. Although he poses a poker face before you, you can always find something special in his eyes.

Method Two:

Water is to fish what air is to human beings. In order to live, we need to take breaths every day. According to common sense, we know that it is the simplest way for a man to take a deep breath to clam himself down. In view of this, when you see a guy takes a deep breath before you,you can tell that he is constraining his emotions. If he is reserved at first but suddenly becomes talkative, it shows that his emotion begins to be unstable. As a matter of fact, breath can teach us many things to know what a guy does not tell us. Another clues for reading mind before a poker face is that there are some people who are inclined to put their hands on the thigh and rub their hands back and forth in an attempt to ease nerves and relieve emotion.

Method Three:

It is a good way for us to judge a man by taking a careful observation of his behaviors. We know that a man will tend to make different reactions when he comes across different conditions and that he will behave the same as usual when he meets nothing special. For example, if your friend is taken to a strange place where he know nobody but you, he will tend to imitate you in many aspects. He will imitate your moves and finally becomes another you. This phenomenon is also called “mirror reflection” in psychology. Therefore, when you see your friend likes to follow or imitate you, it means that he or she is beginning to rely on you because they are not familiar with the surroundings. Even if they don’t tell you what he really thinks, you can know they needs some time to make themselves adapt to the new circumstances.

As a mater of fact, everyone around us is like a book. In order to get a better understanding of them, we are required to read their minds as much as possible. Although they tend to pose a poker face and hide their authentic thoughts, we can still know what he really thinks in the inner heart more or less by means of some effective measures.

Wrote by Miss Lin.


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