Blog Action Day 2014 – Inequality

2014.10.16 is blog action day, to be honest, I just heard this festival today on WordPress prompt, I didn’t know it before because I started my blog at June this year. This year’s topic of action is Inequality, wanna know more previous topics of blog action day, please visit it’s official website or wiki.

I make a cheat sheet:

  • 2007 – Environment
  • 2008 – Poverty
  • 2009 – Climate Change
  • 2010 – Water
  • 2011 – Food
  • 2012 – The Power of We
  • 2013 – Human Rights
  • 2014 – Inequality

As a blogger on the internet, I know I can say something to the world through my blog, and my voice probably contribute some powers. So I understand it is my responsibility and obligation to make this world a better place for living and our children.

About inequality, I know this is a stupid phenomenon that still exists today. What examples of inequality are there? Racial discrimination, the inequality between man and woman, the polarization between the rich and the poor and need I say more?

As a person, I really sick about those ugly and dirty stuff, and I really don’t get the answer why they are still here, in this beautiful world which is stepping into more and more delightful and perfect status. I hope one day, as soon as possible,those inequalities will finally disappear into thin air. And people in that time, look back on history, think how stupid we people now were.

I took part in blog action day 2014

I took part in blog action day 2014

Still today’s prompt.

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