Chinese Card Games: 51 Points

Today I wanna introduce another Chinese card game, the name is 51 points. I did not know this game before I was told from the owner of 51 points is a game probably only popular in the northern Fujian, China province(roughly Nanping city), and I came from middle part.

Four players(maybe two or three is also OK) one deck, each has 5 cards, as you said, play it by exchanging cards on the board or drawing a card from remaining deck, and if there are five cards on the board, clear them to the remaining deck.

10, J, Q, K Joker are 10 points, Ace is 11, the others remain their card value(2-9).
Assume there are three players, player A got 50 points, player B got 51 points, and player C got 49 points. Once a player’s total points are larger than 42, then he can call to count points. Now if player A calls, and player B follows(顶,ding), but player C does not, so the final points of this turn are player A 0 point, player B 101 points, player C 49 points. See, player A lost all points to player B because B followed his call and has larger or equal points than A. Since C did nothing so he stays put. If someone got 51 points and wanna count points, then he can increase his points to 102 points(we call 明算, ming suan, on the contrary, if less than 51 points and wanna finish the turn, we call 暗算,an suan), and in this case, others should not be allowed to follow(顶,ding). The end of this game happens when someone get total points >= 500 points(of course you can set this winning points as you will).

Other information:
Some play rules would consider joker as wild card. And there is a bomb: four same value cards with a random card, the bomb also should be 明算(ming suan) which would increase its value to 204.


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