Two Meanings of Marked Cards

When I put a phrase into searchable box, I expect to get what I want. But you must commit it, we live in a world full of words share synonyms or a vocabulary gets several meanings. The topic of “marked cards” has this property, that is what I gonna talk about.

First of all, if I let you input this phrase into Google, what will you find out about the results? In the first three pages they are almost about the original meaning of marked card, which is a card is being marked either on somewhere on its back or its corner. The methods of this marking job are quite a large number and impressive if you frequently access to this kind of cheating objects. Ink, juice and dust are just a amount of them, maybe in not long future, cheaters and magicians will apply quantum physics into the art of cheating. So anyway, this is the first and normal meaning people would refer to.

The second meaning I will never know if I haven’t dig into this field so much. I myself am a computer games fan, I mean very big fan, I almost play them everyday. But you can not play all the games which were published.  Fallout is one of this kind of game I never played before, marked card is one of the special terms in this game. I know it is still a deck of cards, but come on, it is virtual object exists only in digital world. So people such as gamers talk about it too, but they actually mean the other way.

So what is the different after all, aren’t they the same thing anyway? Yes, I have to admit, they are the same thing in the first sense, but when we hold them one on your left hand and another on your right hand, you see two different outstretched world. The former is exactly an material object in the real world, we mention it when we mean poker cards that can be marked and cheat in gambling. The latter is an object in concept, and we mention it when we mean it, that being said, it is just it, a game object, no extended properties.

Made a graph to help clarify concept:

two meanings of marked cards

two meanings of marked cards

I hope I explain everything all clearly. Sometimes we are not playing any paronomasia, the words themselves really tell a story. I am really I am the one who is aware the power of words and phrases, and have the chance to get approach to marked cards niche.


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