The 7th Friend

I am not going to lie, but I am really a big fan of Friends, the famous TV show during 1994-2004. When the show aired, I was still a kid who did not know much things about television, kind of stuff. But here now I think myself as the 7th friend among those six friends with characteristic respectively. I know they are not real, just exist on the screen, does it count as imaginary friends? I don’t have many friends, all my little buddies have all drifted away with the increment of age. So I think they are all in.

Unfortunately, I started to watch Friends just two years ago, if earlier, maybe I would be more happy. But good news is I have been watching it, and will continue to do until there are no friendship exists in the world.

Ross is a scientist guy, a paleontologist who worked for a museum first then turned into a teacher. He is a kind of guy who is petty but dedicated, can make judgement from rational view. Rachel is a spoiled girl when she still in the wings of her father, but we see miracle happen on this young lady, she can stand on her own now. Monica is the house woman, she has obsessive-compulsive disorder but she is gonna be a great mother who always has delicious cookies. Chandler is a funny man who don’t thank Thanksgiving day, however you will thank for him being around you.  Phoebe is quirky and weird, but sometimes you need her to get things done.  Joey’s “How you doing” maybe the secret of picking up girls.

I don’t know what is the character of me if I am in the show, just let the 7th friend be there, not shows up or not nothing.


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