Ready Set Done Is Not Prompt

Is it only me or someone else got the feeling that WordPress team is sleepyhead, they have prompted “Ready Set Done” five times. I think we seek for daily prompt for particular and creative topic to write out about an inspiration, but clearly write anything in ten minutes won’t help that. So this paragraph can be considered as a complaint or maybe it is just another daily prompt to the today’s topic.

I totally can write literately anything in ten minutes without any thinking, but come on, this is my online blog, it will be saw and should be nice to my visitors and readers(although to be honest, I actually don’t think my blog is good enough for further reading, basically just a personal ramble blog). Ten minutes blah is not worth the time, in fact, I wasted more ten minutes to get this post out of mind.

So I am out, no words to continue. Hope for this weekend’s prompt would arouse my interest, OK that’s enough, few more blahs, really gonna go.

Oh, one more thing I almost forgot, ready set and done is not prompt any more when it came out too many times.


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