Trio – Dark Night, Fridge And Tears

Simple Intuition Version:
It was a dark night, very late at night, my fridge had broken a day ago and I didn’t know, tears came out my eyes, I was very hungry that time for crying out loud.

Happy Ending Version:
My tears are flying in the air, because my brand new fridge ordered a few weeks ago finally delivered at this very moment in this dark night.

Bad Ending Version:
You waked up at midnight and felt thirsty, fumbled to downstairs sleepily for drinking near by fridge, but you got tumbled on the way of stairs with bitter tears in your eyes.

Crappy Soft Kitty Song Version:
Hard fridge, cold fridge, shiny at dark night.
Bitter tears, awake tears, nothing in my eye.
Original MP3 of soft kitty from big bang theory:

Friends Joey With This Trio Version:
Joey: Every dark night, got hit by his handmade entertainment cabinet.
Joey: You’ve broken my fridge, 4 hundred dollars please.
Joey: I hardly recalled he would have any business with tears, because he is joy.

That is it, I ran out of ideas. You go on ahead.


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