Keep Summer In Mind

The change of four seasons is the eternal laws of nature. When summer comes over to us at a brisk pace, can you be aware of its approach? And when it leaves without any message in advance, do you feel the way of something is changed.

If you ask a naughty boy what is the summer’s flavor, he will answer without hesitation that the flavor of summer is ice cream with strawberries and blueberries on the top. If you ask a quiet girl the same question, she will reply that the most charming stuff in summer is fragrance of the blossom of gardenias after wet. If you ask a diligent worker this question, he would respond to you that summer is the season of gulping a watermelon and that summer tastes as sweet as watermelon juice.

In my eyes, summer is a beautiful season that people get up early to see the splendid sunrise in the morning and sit on a soft beach in the evening with salty breeze blowing in the face, watching waves coming over and over again, playing cards with a few good friends and enjoying fish, chips and beer. People talk cheerfully and laugh heartily. In my impression, this is the being of summer.

It’s getting cold outside, let’s not forget what summer is and keep it deeply in our minds. When the time it comes again, we run out our cotton-padded clothes and get as close as we can to the beach and wind.

Wrote By Miss Lin, with a little amendment by me, Mae Channing.

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