Flash Poker Rules And Play Online

Flash poker is another variation of poker, however, it is a very simple version of gambling. It shows some similarities with Texas holdem when count winnings, but it doesn’t need flop, turn or river, just two bets. When I said two bets, actually I mean two sections of bets, the first bet is basic bet before any card dealt, and the second section bet actually is double up part, which can be infinite if you are lucky insanely.

Below are rules of flash poker I played online, if any different with yours, please let me know.
This is the page I played, flash poker at mindjolt.

The Play

At the very beginning, you would get 50 start-up credits.

  1. When it comes to first ante, there are five choices from 1 to 5, it is up to you.
  2. After click your bet, program begins to deal five cards for you.
  3. Hold some cards according to the rules of winnings.
  4. Program discards the cards you don’t want and deal new ones.
  5. Check rules, see if you are lucky guess or losing.
  6. The second section is to double up the money you just won.
  7. Feel free to stop at any guess and retain your triumph.

Be aware of the double-up section, you will lose all(nothing left include your bonus) if you just make one wrong guess. There are two types of double it up, the first one is to guess the color, red or black, the second one is more exciting because it is four times of your current wager if you can make a shot.

The Rules Of Winnings

5 of kinds: 100 credits
Straight flush: 60 credits
4 of kinds: 25 credits
Full house: 5 credits
Straight: 4 credits
Flush: 3 credits
3 of kinds: 2 credits
Two pairs: 1 credit

Below is a crappy cheat sheet image made by me for you.

Flash Poker Rules Cheat Sheet

Flash Poker Cheat Sheet

I hope I got everything explicit, if you do not follow me or have more details to share, please comment right here or contact me.


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