Sick Plum Blossom – Translation From BingMeiGuanJi

This is a translation from the great article of Bing Mei Guan Ji(Chinese: 病梅馆记), wrote by Gong Zizhen from Qing Dynasty of China. Inspired by let it be.

The Translation:

Jiangning’s Longpan, Suzhou’s Dengwei, Hanzhou’s Xixi, all produce plum blossom. There is a saying for this plant, “the beauty of plum is at its curve rather than straight, at its tilt rather than upright, at its scatter rather than crowd”, that is right naturally. All poets and artists know this meaning of beauty deeply inside their mind, but it neither can’t be asked for all plum blossom to be that, nor for every common people to hack the straight ones, cut the dense ones and hoe the erect ones, just in order for making money from making sick plants. All money seekers have nothing can be done to the nature born with tilt, scatter, and curve forms. Unfortunately, some guys told follower sellers that secret of appreciation to the beauty of Prunus mume of poets and artists, so they hack the straight ones and cultivate curve branches, cut the dense ones and pick off twigs, hoe the erect ones and impede vital nature, so that they can make a good fortune on those man-made plants, as a result, all the plum blossoms in Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang province are sick. Is this the fault of poets and artists?

I bought three hundreds of those bonsai, not a single one was “healthy”. I cried for it about several days, and then I decided to cure them, I destroyed all the flowerpots, planted them into ground, removed all the limitations and let them grow naturally, hoped for five years later, they would be natural and healthy again. I am not a poet or an artist, I will take all the other’s judgments and criticisms, but whatsoever, I build a garden for all sick plums to be treated.

Gosh, is it possible for me to have more time and more grounds around to replant all the sick plum blossoms from Jiangning, Suzhou, Hanzhou, and spend the rest of life to cure all of them.


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