Chinese Card Games: Smiling Rose

First of all, you should see what rose looks like.

rose shape

How a rose looks like to smiling rose card game layout

Now you have a concept which would be connected to the layout of the Chinese card game I will talk about, smiling rose, a self play card game.


One deck without jokers, that are 52 cards left.

Playing Layout

  1. Put a random card in the middle of board, faced up.
  2. Put two cards stack up around each corner of the card in the middle, all faced up. Now there are 9 cards on the table.
  3. Repeat step two, except this time is three cards a stack and put them on the two outside corners of the four stacks with two cards, still all faced up. Now there are 33 cards on the table.


After you arranged the layout, you still get 19 cards left, let them be remaining cards. The first step of playing is to take away any two cards that is matching on value, and at this step, if you can dismiss all the cards on the board, then you win directly. If not, continue, now it’s time to release the remaining cards. The purpose is to cancel two cards that can be matched, but if there are more than two cards share same value with a remaining card, then the order of taking cards should be outside first. And remember, the card is not on the top of its stack can be used only after the top card be removed. Continue and follow the rules until all cards are dismissed, then you get a winning.

So this is a single player game, play it when you are alone. To be honest, I never heart this smiling rose card game before, I found it while I was doing some researches about How many Chinese card games there are. To me, this game may not sound fun, but sure to be recorded.

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