Chinese Card Games – Bei Si Mao

Bei Si Mao(憋死猫), rough translation as “Stifle The Cat”. So far as I know, this game is played at Beijing and Xuzhou. This is a matching card game, suit related and values do not(however they decide who play the first hand by got the highest value, and if that are more than 2 players, then suits come in the order of spade > heart > club > diamond), you play it by the same suit with last card, but you have the ability to change the suit type if you get the same value of last card.

Suitable for 2-5 players with one deck of 52 cards, no jokers.

Playing Rules

  • Deal 7 cards to each player, then decide who goes first(see above).
  • Everyone after discarded a card should draw a new one from remaining pile until the deck runs out.
  • Next player should follow with same suit card, and have option to change suit when hold same value with the last card. Nevertheless, in this case the equivalent card should be still sent out, and tell next action what suit to be discarded.
  • If cards on a player’s hand do not contain the same suit of last card, then he/she should  faces down a card to the board. And of course draws a new card if there is a pile still exists.


If you decide to stop, then the one who gets highest values lost the game, or set a losing point, say 100. And here ace is one point.


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