Chandler Made Monica A Mixed Tape

Friends Season 6 Episode 17 – The One With Unagi

Did Chandler really made a handmade gift for his girlfriend Monica, of course no and so did Monica, the mixed tape was originated from Janice, Chandler’s never-ever-disconnected ex-girlfriend. The couple both forgot to make each other presents, so anyway, Chandler found an old mixed tape from closet which he did not have any thoughts about whose it is, and Monica in the late time sought for Phoebe’s help and got a sock bunny. The point should be noticed here is that the guy remembered to made a gift, however the girl totally didn’t know anything until her boyfriend remained her in a casual way. This is interesting, normally guys should be the crowd who forget this kind of stuff, like marriage anniversary or first date time.

Chandler try to made a gift but failed

Chandler made a flar-lar gift

Though, the scenes of gifting presents in this episode are awesome funny, the one with hanger and zip-top can, the one with suggestion of underpants being cut bottom from Joey, the one with voices of Janice came from the tape while the two lovers were in dance. I also think it is a good idea for a couple to make each other a handmade gift rather than hurry to shopping in gift shop. I mean, you twos are knowing each other better, you are not just people who fall in love, you are the best friend to each other. It makes sense for making gifts by hands and more meaningful, but I don’t suggest you do this all the time. Handwork stands for your love to your life partner, and you want them to be part of you and share things and live together. That is good, but don’t get too stuck into it otherwise you are overstepping the pure meaning.

I don’t is it good or bad, but today we can not see any mixed tapes any longer, digit MP3 files are everywhere. But I think you can still make an album with a romantic topic to your the other half, or write a song directly.

Still today’s prompt.


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