Wait For Nothing

There was nothing, then with a big bang(actually it is expansion, big bang is just an irony made by some scientists against that theory when it came out), our universe had been born like 13.7 billion years. And now we are here and have our lives to go through, things happened, full of connections, create stuff, etc. Billions of lives, include human being and animals and plants, are all sharing a roof under the rules of our mother nature. Who can say we human beings are superior than other forms of vita, we are just one of those and differentiated only as we have high intelligence.

And we still need to eat, work, play, sleep, we have time limit, we can’t do everything and not to say make them perfect. We see thousands of colors yet still we can’t see lights beyond ultraviolet and infrared, we got vision limitation. We can’t breathe without oxygen, we can not travel directly to space, we do not have the ability to totally understand our body system yet. There are a whole list of things refers to the fact of we are knowing everything.

We get trifles, but also we have big things to do. We have careers, we have social connections, those polymerizing and interpersonal relationship bring the good tidings and also conflicts. There would be many concepts and entities emerged by social, such as competition, culture influence and diversity, popular psychology and so on. Some are good, some are bad, some are common among of them.

People comes and goes, things happen and dismiss, connections link and redirect. We living in a life of being changed all the time, even the most dead water hidden the unseen and dynamic molecule movements.

We can not wait for something either good or bad, there is no such thing called wait. Do the good things and leave without expecting a thank you, be a good person just as you should be. We should have patience, but not wait. Patience is a mindset, whereas wait is an negative action, they are totally different. Maybe the concept of time we created sometimes lead us to go the wrong way, we believe it too much.

Should We Wait?


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