Mark For Different Poker Game

It’s stupid to mark all your cards, dude, any experienced and skilled card sharp won’t do such stupid thing. You want to know reason? That’s easy. I’ll tell you why. First, if you dare to make cheating signs on all cards in one deck, you increase the chance to be caught. Second, about the mark system, you should assign every value a different symbol, and you gonna fail to remember all of them and surely screw them up during games. Third, the stuff used to do this marking job such as invisible inks and luminous juice are not cheap. Four, you are the god of the poker table, you know all the cards(if you overcome the second point), then spontaneously you tend to win more and more and this will get people suspicious about you. Five, when you’re playing at casino, you can slightly daub some juice onto your hand cards, but casino try to renew decks of being played, if so your work are in vain. May be I could list more items about the reason you can’t mark all cards, but at this point I am sure you get my thoughts.

So, the correct way of cheating by marked cards is just to make some significant cards highlighted only to you. By this rule if you agree, then it is possible to see the different between all community card poker about the marking works, or just mainly the H.O.R.S.E(Texas, Omaha, Razz, Seven card stud and Eight-or-better high-low stud), because they are the most stake game ever in all casinos. But let’s just begin with an easy one, the blackjack, also known as 21.

Rules of 21 are quite simple, you definitely win by owning exactly 21 points cards, by over the 21 means bum, lower then keep betting or just holding, finally who win with the highest values. Jack, Queen, and King are 10 points and Ace can be one or eleven. So in this number game, the cards you should mark are the face cards and maybe 10s or 9s. Most of cases, we are worried about big numbers rather than small numbers.

Another example I will go with crazy eight, this is a matching game for eight and suits. This maybe a home game instead of cash poker, but make it as an instance to explain the concept is quite enough. Without any doubt, you should have all 4 8s be marked(if you use one pack for like two or three players), and except that, what cards left to be able to share this honor? Notice it is suit relevant game, so probably 13 cards a suit is pretty too many, but you have no choice, right? But still better than get all 52 cards painted.

What about baccarat? It is a banking game for players against bankers. The cards values are as it is but only face cards and tens stand for zero, get almost 9 or equal to 9 points is the destination, and beyond that, you just get the smallest digital number of the value. Clearly, nine is important to be in the list, and in this case, the cards with pictures once dominate an influential share of other number games have none business to be concerned about.

Now we come to the real poker here, the Texas holdem, but I would not just speak only this holdem because, you see, the other famous poker like five card draw and Omaha are all kind of similar to holdem, they are all the variations of poker gambling games. Those game share the same hands as follow from high cards to royal straight flush, and of course the odds of those hands are from higher to much lower. If I talk about the probability of poker hands, that would become another post, so according to research done by other poker pros and Mathematicians, I think the most worthy of tagging are the pairs, especially pocket aces. But surly you have other choices, look into this detailed list of holdem probability and find out the ways of being comfortable to you with your own playing strategy. Since we are here, I should tell you that the goal is to narrow down the uncertain measurements and increase the chance of making right decisions, it would not be 100% of knowing all things, but rather try to choose guess correctly. No one can ensure to win each game, even the world’s famous players have no such guarantee. But they have something else, something is beyond the cheating tools, that are skills and observations.

Seven card stud is contrary to holdem for the winning order of poker hands, as the lowest high cards become victory. So this is totally another story compare with marking holdem. You may wanna consider the lower cards this time, like two or three. Other points to be noted are similar with Texas and Omaha.

Don’t even think of marked cards would do all the jobs for you, even producers like eyemarkedcards and bicyclecards would more prefer only marked high value cards. Cheaters should pay attention to this advise, and if they think about going to play scams or tricks, then they must prepare for those kind of actions, do not just hope to be succeed, hard works are end of the discussion. Practice your skills, develop your own symbol system, learn to give up and lose some good situations and so on, then you are able to handle this old school fraud with improved by the advanced technologies.

Finally, a citation from would be more convinced and probative to this post,

An expert painter will only prepare as many cards as absolutely needed for a particular game.


One thought on “Mark For Different Poker Game

  1. I don’t appreciate people cheating while playing any game, be it be poker or soccer. Honest and neat playing is the base to any sport. So friends play honestly and don’t spoil the fun….

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