Chinese Card Game – Lian Huan Ma

Lian Huan Ma as in Chinese is 连环马, in English is chained horses, it is originally a trick that had been used in ancient battlefield of China which links battle steeds with iron chains row by row and rush ahead right into enemies. And also it is a strategy emerges in the Chinese chess which two horses fight together and protect each other. So this name also is applied in one Chinese card game, in this case, it means 3 cards with same value and also can be a sequence of 3 cards in order, that is how the name of this game comes from, and also the basic playing guidance of this card game.

Deck and Player Numbers

one deck, abandon jokers(poor jokers), 52 standard cards, suit for 2-5 players.

Playing Rules

  • Deal 10 cards to each player, put the rest of cards on the poker table, face up the very top card as the opening card, or you can call it a community card(shared card).
  • Now players begin to form three cards interlink horses, if they can, that’s good and keep counting the total amount, save them may for final usage, but if not, then somebody should give out a card from hand as a new community card, and need to replenish with one card from remaining deck.


With the increase of shared cards, someone may get lucky to be able to finish all his cards first, then he is the winner. What if the game runs out of deck on the table and no one can claim no cards left, then the one who got most horses win out.

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