One Day Vacation

I live a normal life as a normal person, not so much of the sparkling events or moments would happen to me. I am not busy or lazy, work for 9-5, have rests at weekend, that is a whole week and keeps still. But I do prefer a day, which is Sunday,  I would go out rather than stay home, and often that makes Sundays become the most noticeable day of weeks. The reason why I choose the 7th day is because when the lousy weekly work are done, I really need to do something that might quickly ease my tired body and exhausted mind, so that often lead Saturdays to be full of crazy games playing and too much eating. But nevertheless, when it comes to Sunday, I would like to end the week in a peaceful way.

My plan is simple, my package is light, my shoes are tied, and my mind is open. The mountains, the parks, and the bookstores are my first three favorite places to go, if nothing else interest me that special day, I definitely give priority to them.

Go hiking maybe the best way to boost your blood movement and refresh your mind after a five-day-long repetitive and meaningless work. It gets you the chance to figure out what essence is behind the nature, and makes you totally forget who you are and what things bore you. It is a physical exercise and also releases your tangled brain, even you may get lost in the mountains, I am still pleasure to do it. Look at the view of beauty, use that to fill your mind, let go of bad things.

If you say hiking is too far away from human society, I agree, because we are still a being which should be together sometimes. But I hate places full of heads and feet, and noisy occasions, so wandering in a park is a great choice splits the difference. There are people there, aged people and children.

Bookstores, always as the final station of that day, and need I say more? People love books are there, the smell of new books, the feeling of turning over a leaf, digital book never have change to replace it all. I would read whole afternoon in a book shop, sometimes go home with several new books. Look at the books, make me content and feel like it’s a wonderful day with a good ending.

It is one day vacation, not much, but I enjoy it.


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