A Short Review Of Frozen

I would not argue with the prompt what if I was caught a avalanche while I was skiing and buried under the deep snow, because people would die for that soon, not to mention make it through all night. However, I choose to stand in a positive way and think of writing a new topic instead of coming out nonsense from my keyboard. While I was scanning how the other people wrote this prompt, I found this post named ice jail, and frankly I was inspired and gave me a clue that I have seen the movie Frozen but yet haven’t wrote any reviews.

I am a big fan of Frozen, especially super love for the song let it go.

I think you should watch it if you are not yet.


I was a animation guy, you know, I don’t like reality show, but to animation like movies and TV series, I must say I can live without them. The reason I watched Frozen is simple because it is an animation and produced by Disney studio. That organization has made several great works of visualizations such as Mulan, Tarzan and Lion King. 

First of all, I should talk about what does this movie makes me love it.

  • The story line is great, it is not prince and princess anymore. Although princess is still there, but the hero is a mortal, well not that common people too, he get his special love experts.
  • The ice magic. I always prefer the ice power rather than fireball and lightning magic when I play a computer game, like skyrim. And in my bias, girls are much competent for that magic figure.
  • The song let it go. I would call this song is the best song in 2013, not context at all. The rhymes, the lyrics, they are so beautiful and powerful, they reach directly into your heart. I would commit that empathy play a role here for mine have similar problem.
  • The funny talks and Olaf. Yeah, the snow man is not only the joker in this animated movie, but also the connection between the sisters. I must say, well play, scenario.
  • Positive. I have seen so many negative and dirty stuff in real life, I don’t want to get any of them anymore. Here, this movie is the place I can have a rest and release.

OK, that might be my whole review, before I continue to write. After all, this is just today’s prompt, enough is enough.

Anna and Olaf And Kristoff And Sven

all the four nice beings from frozen but where is elsa


One thought on “A Short Review Of Frozen

  1. You, linking this post to mine made my way here, to your post. I must say that this review of Frozen is really good, especially that I am a fan of Frozen too. 🙂 Idina Menzel’s voice is superb!

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