Random Words Alphabet Soup

I am gonna make a bowl of alphabet soup by picking words randomly in my dictionary,  to form today’s kind of interesting wp prompt, I believe this way seems more fun to me. So here is the alphabet list,

  1. a -> abridge
  2. b -> bacillus
  3. c -> centigrade
  4. d -> divorced
  5. e -> expressway
  6. f -> forte
  7. g -> gulf
  8. h -> harsh
  9. i -> involuntary
  10. j -> jock
  11. k -> kinky
  12. l -> lion
  13. m -> mascara
  14. n -> nouveau
  15. o -> OCD
  16. p -> poise
  17. q -> Quixotism
  18. r -> rebel
  19. s -> soothe
  20. t -> tortuous
  21. u -> uproar
  22. v -> verse
  23. w -> wrong
  24. x -> Xmas
  25. y -> yucky
  26. z -> Zen

The process of making this list took me some time, but it would be more fun and challenging to write a post with those 26 non-related words. I’ll give a go.

Alphabet Soup Story

A truck was running on the Expressway to Star City at midnight, carrying with a couple of strongbox of dangerous and infectious bacillus. The driver is a divorced man who has two children, since the data is near Xmas, he originally planed after finished this long-distance transport then went home for holiday. He was keeping a causal poise of driving until he saw a kinky thing forwardly, not far away, just about 100 meters. He tried to brake the car but only failed, for that moment he heart a forte shout and then swiftly he was in involuntary status, before he passed out, he only had a little time to glimpse a lion sharp man stopped the truck.

Soon the police got the report of this case, they only found the driver suffered from a 39 centigrade temperature cold and a broken truck under the expressway near gulf, all the bacilli were gone. The officers tried to soothe him to remember something, but he could only think of a monster. This was not just a nouveau event, the police offices had already got several similar cases. But what on earth was the crime’s purpose, and that’s unknown.

This caused a big uproar in the medias and public, for those bacteria could be used for bad intention. The protector of Star city, the Arrow has made a move to search for the troublemaker, with the high tech help from his IT girl helper, the team finally located the place where the crime might be. Their sneak raid was not successful, cuz nobody was there and only left a yucky house with so many hairs, lion hairs. And also, to be noticed, they found several female makeups, like mascara.

They had the hair detected, and found connections between the germ and the hair. Some facts were deduced, a female was injected with the germ and turned into a lion woman. So without any obstacles, a woman became their target, a women who was a scientist with OCD in a lab, she was the creator of that biological stuff. She had a deep faith on biology can save all humanity, so she invented a way, a too dangerous way to her coworkers’ views. But she repelled advice even after the project fund was abridged, so with the Quixotism and tortuous mind, one thing lead to another, she injected herself.

Now she was under control, but when to catch her, everybody really tried, because the woman who was not just a normal scientist, but been a jock in university and with a harsh attitude. A few months later, the Arrow learned she now was writing peaceful verses and practicing Zen in prison, seems she really reflected what the wrong thing she had done.


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