Weird Christmas Gift Box

So here is the scene:

Mystery Box
You wake up one morning to find a beautifully wrapped package next to your bed. Attached to it is a note: “Open me, if you dare.” What’s inside the mystery box? Do you open it?

So assuming the morning of Christmas this year I got a mysterious gift box, with a note wrote in a aggressive  manner, “Do you Dare”. I do dare, with prudent mindset, I am going to open it eventually. But first of all, let me turn into Sherlock Holmes.

By applying Holmesian deduction, I start to list a set of latent questions may need to answer after all.

  • Who is the giver of the present?
  • Does he/she knows me?
  • What is the purpose of the giver behind the curtain?
  • What is inside the box?
  • How do I open the gift safely?
  • How to track and finally figure out what this all about?

Now I need to pay much close attentions to my bedroom, to detect any suspicious indications and collect deducible clews. I should be careful not to make any more clutters to the spot, looking for footprints, obvious fingerprints, special smell, any voices and stuffs that are unusual to what I am familiar with. I should check the door and lock, make sure windows were closed last night. I may examine the hidden corners, space under my bed, and inside of clothes cabinet. Oh, no chimney in my bedchamber, so it is not joke from Santa.

After done with my sleep place, I should walk around all my house to see if somewhere are strange, and meantime I need to ask all the people near me about the wrapped box, observe and remember their every facial expression, eye contact, body language and words.

Next big thing is to explorer the very gift I had received some time last night without actually opening it. First I’d like to know the weight, heavy or light, I can use a long stick to move it so that I can feel it and imagine it of how it looks like. To go further, I may determine to put it exposed under invisible radiations such as x-ray or infrared radiations, that way I could look inside without unpacking.

With collecting all enough information about the spot, I should try to start answering those questions in the list. Like Holmes, I will sit quietly in my sofa and relaxedly for next half an hour or longer, but without lighting any cigarette and smoke being filled the entire room.

Nah, just open up the box and a surprise clown jumps out.

there you are surprise clown

Xmas gift: jack-in-the-box



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