I Want Writing Skills

A question from the wp prompt:

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

My answer would be writing skills. I started to write this blog half a year ago, and now new year had passed several days ago. Check my 2014 blog annual  report created by WordPress team, only 2400 times page visits in six months, how sad is it? So what if I can write my every post with an interesting and intellectual reading experience, how great is that, right?

Improving my writing skill doesn’t only mean more visitors, but also stands for the appreciation to the words and sentences themselves. You can embellish your article like a poem(or actually a poetry), or write it in a very organized and informative manner to help readers quickly position their desired sections.

And if I know more about pictures editing and Photoshop, that would be more better, words and images together can establish a well-formed post and leave people a very impressive sense. And if I can shot a viral video on Youtube, and embed into my post, that shall bring a mass of people to my blog.

I wish I could bring creativity and uniqueness to my blog, though that require years of experience and wisdom, but just think about it sometimes. Right now, I just wrote what I know, and tons of people have the level of my knowledge. I should keep learning and digging, I should be an expert of something.

And I also realize content outreach is crucial to my blog even bigger than content themselves, since you wrote a piece of good content and turn out on one could reach them, that just make no sense.

So, bring it on.

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