Avoid Heat In Your Hair At Summer

Now it is summer time again, air temperature is getting hotter and hotter. Every guy with short hair sweats a lot, not to mention girls who have long hairs. We get the point of keeping hair grow to a extent, which is make girls more beautiful, but are there anything we can do to immensely reduce the heat in our hair that make us hot and sweaty. I am not an expert at this stuff, just try to give some advice.

Trim Your Hair

The most effective method I can think is the get you a haircut, trim the long hair into short hair. I know, most girls would kill themselves rather than shave their hair off, but you have to admit, this is the most straightforward troubleshooting. I don’t understand what mechanism is behind the beauty of long hair, but as I know, most girls with short hair are still looking good, for example, Emma Watson, hum, is she look fantastic and gorgeous with her short hair style(secretly I love her appearance more when she had long hair). With trimmed and bobbed hair, you save a big amount of time than long hair on taking good care and enough protection, let alone extremely decrease and even avoid overheat which would makes you more irritable and agitated in the fervent summer.

Emma Watson with short hair style

Emma Watson with short hair style

Get a Pony Tail

Move to Plan B if you don’t want to lose your precious long hair, which is to get yourself a pony tail hairstyle. Pony tail may not suit for longhairs whose hair length reaches upper arm and more, so those people may cut off a little bit of their hair. Anyhow, it’s a way that wearing your hair up, leave your nape and ears to be reached by air. That way, heat and perspiration could get away soon before they stock up and make you feel hot.

beautiful woman with low ponytail

beautiful woman with low ponytail

Above are two valid methods to cool your head. There may be others methods, like using a fan, combing your hair often, avoiding directly exposure under raging sunlight by holding a umbrella etc, but those are just supplementary means, you may do no matter what length of your hair is. Check here to see other people say about their feeling to long hair when it’s hot outside.

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