Chinese Card Games: 51 Points

Today I wanna introduce another Chinese card game, the name is 51 points. I did not know this game before I was told from the owner of 51 points is a game probably only popular in the northern Fujian, China province(roughly Nanping city), and I came from middle part.

Four players(maybe two or three is also OK) one deck, each has 5 cards, as you said, play it by exchanging cards on the board or drawing a card from remaining deck, and if there are five cards on the board, clear them to the remaining deck.

10, J, Q, K Joker are 10 points, Ace is 11, the others remain their card value(2-9).
Assume there are three players, player A got 50 points, player B got 51 points, and player C got 49 points. Once a player’s total points are larger than 42, then he can call to count points. Now if player A calls, and player B follows(顶,ding), but player C does not, so the final points of this turn are player A 0 point, player B 101 points, player C 49 points. See, player A lost all points to player B because B followed his call and has larger or equal points than A. Since C did nothing so he stays put. If someone got 51 points and wanna count points, then he can increase his points to 102 points(we call 明算, ming suan, on the contrary, if less than 51 points and wanna finish the turn, we call 暗算,an suan), and in this case, others should not be allowed to follow(顶,ding). The end of this game happens when someone get total points >= 500 points(of course you can set this winning points as you will).

Other information:
Some play rules would consider joker as wild card. And there is a bomb: four same value cards with a random card, the bomb also should be 明算(ming suan) which would increase its value to 204.

Chinese Card Games: Seven

This is another blog about my Chinese poker variations series.

The poker game name is Seven, namely it has connection with the number 7 or playing card 7.  Everybody knows there are 13 numbers in a poker deck, the value of Ace can be one or 14 concurrently, in some game, such as blackjack, its value can be 11. So basically, 7 is the middle number of 1-14, so may be this game can also have the name Middle. So it is clear for you to understand this game of being started by the 7 point card be put on the table, suit doesn’t matter. However, spade 7 is considered to be the first card emerged whoever own it, so the roll begins.

seven poker

One of Chinese poker variations, name seven


Rules are very simple, you know, there are four suits in a pair of poker decks, each suit has two 7s. (By the way, this game can be played by multiplayer and multi-decks, but one deck or a couple is much more perfect.) And the playing method is you put a card which share the same suit and has its value next to the card existed on the table, for example, spade 7 is already put and is the only card, you must either place a spade 6 or spade 8 next to it. Yes, it is building up a sequence, beginning from 7 to 1(Ace is one here) and King at both sides. I can give another example, there are three cards which are all club, like 8, 7,6, if you get club 9 or club 5 or both, you can lay aside one card to this sequence.

So you should probably ask what if I don’t have any cards suitable for any list, that is a good question, and the question is key point to this game. First, you should know how to win at Seven, once you don’t have any card to make a move, then you must pick up one card in your hand and face down to the game board aside you. The value of the card you give up should be low enough, because when all players can not make any development, then the game is over, and that is the time to count the total points you’ve faced down cards during the game. The one who gives up most highest points lose the game. So what cards you may abandon is up to you and just be careful.

Remember the question above? In the above paragraph, I just use the word key point, but it is too vague. Since you are familiar with the winning condition, I think you are being more pretty sure about how to play this game. This is a game of strategy and political combat, full of conspiracies and plots. The rule tells if you can make any movement then you have to do this, but when you are really stuck, that is the chance you screw your opponents. I can give an instance here, say you are stopped, and you are thinking about surrendering a card, what card should you give up? There is heart 7 there, and you do not have heart 8 and heart 6, but you do have heart 9 and do not have the rest of heart 10-13, at the regulation of making best to low the cards you face down, it is very clear and clever for you to throw away the heart 9. Do you have any thoughts here? Yes   , although you give up a 9 point card, but your competitors (at least two of them, you do the math) must have higher points card like heart Jack or heart Queen to be forced into uselessness. You got my mind? Yes, I am sure you did.

Seven is a fun game surely, for home, for friends and for recreation.

Chinese Card Games: Throwing Match

Today, I continue to write about another Chinese poker variation, the original name do not come to my mind, the truth is I don’t know, it is a pity. But anyway, I can call it Throwing Match, I think it is quite close to original one. This is a little easy home game, very suitable for kids to play. Poker rules are way too simple, in fact, the poker name tells the all story.

Throwing Match Rules

Number one and the only one, find a pair of cards has the same face value, and throw them away(of course not in the dustbin, I mean put them on the table because you don’t need them). After the screening, all the cards remain in your hand have different value to each other, because in the first phase, all the matches are gone. And next what you are going to do is pick a card randomly from your left player(The default playing turn of this game is clockwise), if the card you pick match one card in your hand, throw them away, but if not, it is a keeper. And thus and thus, until one player run out of cards, then the champion emerges. This Chinese poker game only has one loser, the one which should shuffle the deck of cards as a penalty for failure.

Yes, the deck is dealt averagely to each player, if one deck is not enough, make it two. OK, let me get it straight for you again by a list.

  1. Deal cards equally
  2. Throw away the value matches off-the-shelf
  3. Pick cards from left opponent until you have no cards
  4. The last one who still have cards lose the game
  5. A punishment should be took to the loser, usually just shuffle cards

See, it is easy and fun, may be the best game for kids who can spend time together and promote their friendship.

haert 5 and Diamond 5 are match

value match not the suit

Chinese Card Games: Lying

Poker Lying

Today, I will introduce you another Chinese poker variation, I’ve already tell you one card game go fishing, may be I will consider make it a series, all talk about Chinese Poker. But let’s put that idea aside, for now, we talk about Lying.

Lying is the most easiest poker card game I’ve seen before, and probably also the funniest family game ever. However, it is sad and also a fact that many people today play cards just for money, not for fun or for emotions.

You kind of use bluffing trying to scare other players and make them fold or all-in with agitation, well, the Lying is not totally the same meaning with bluffing, it is just the way we play it. Literally, you can lie about all the cards are dealt.

Rules are easy

No players limit, the number of decks for play are as needed. (For funnier, two decks and four player are enough) All the cards should be dealt to every participator equally.

Then play it one by one anticlockwise, rules are easy, no suits different, just number matters. For example, I get six 6 cards on my hand, and I face them down in the middle of table, then I call there cards are six 8, then next player can call whatever cards, also face them down on the table and go on. If one of the players don’t believe the cards his left player just sent out, he can turn them over and check them, if the cards are the right number, then the skeptic should take all the cards left on the table and gather them in his hand; if it is not, then the left player should take them all. Once one player run out his cards, then the honor of winner goes into that one.

Maybe my words are terrible, so I draw a mind map here to show you the rules:

Lying Rules Mind Map

Lying Rules Mind Map

Terrible mind map I made, I knew, but I’ve my best.

Anyway, it is an easy but fun game. Every time I played it with my best friends, I laugh my ass out(lmao) .

Chinese Card Games: The Rules of Go-Fishing

In my memory, we call the game go fishing. It is quite a fishing card game, I check all the variations in the wiki list and no one is exactly like this card recreation. So I conjecture this is the game no one talks online, just be played in some places. To my knowledge,the kids in Putian, China play this poker card game, I was there once, as a child.

The rules of go-fishing are very simple, so it’s mainly popular in the kids. It can be played by multiplayers, and you can play any amount of decks theoretically(often just one deck).


First of all, every player will be dealt 5 cards on their hands, the remaining cards face down and are put in the middle of table. After that, 5 cards will be arranged around the rest of cards.

Before anything happen, players should figure out who becomes the first person to fishing(You can use rock-paper-scissors, or more complex, RockpaperscissorslizardSpock). But in next game,the one who win in this turn will be the first angler.

Now, let’s go fishing!

Every player just use one card in his/her hand to match the cards on the table. The match method is simple only if you know the basic math like addition.

For example, if the cards on the table are as follow:

five poker cards

any five cards, I don’t care the suits

and you get a 10 in your hand(it’s not any business of  suits), then you will win the two 5 cards. Or if you have a King, then you will take away the 2, Jack and King cards to your score zone. See, it is just the math in primary school (if you still can’t get the ideas, check here: King = King, and King = Jack + 2). For your information: Ace = 14, King = 13, Queen = 12, Jack = 11,  and the rest can be done in the same manner.

If none of your cards have the chance to capture fish,you should take one card out and put it in the circle(the five cards on the table,but now it’s six).

Anyway, no matter you get any lucky, you draw one card from the remaining cards to make sure you get five cards in your hands until there are no cards left in the supplementary area. And meanwhile, the cards on the table should be always equal or greater than 5, and also become invalid if not enough cards to complement.

Finally, if nobody could fish any more, the game is over and begin to counting scores to elect winners this turn.


the point of Ace is 50
King is 40
Queen is 30
Jack is 20
others are all 10

Who gets the most points, who wins. If the scores are equal, then it’s a tie.

Tips: we don’t really count those scores, we use the method of offset to save time.