A List of Synonyms to Cheater

I made a whole list of synonyms for the share some level of same meanings with original word, cheater. I got this idea while I was doing a research about card cheaters, and you must see that’s quite a redundant list for just a meaning, I wonder why such a common word appear so many times in different context, and might be more out there because I haven’t finished it yet.

There are 30 words about cheater on the list, this is quite standing out. If you hold some more, contribute to the comment section first then I would get it added.

take in
card shark
card shape
con artist
fast talker

a magician hat sharp of word cloud about cheater synonym

synonym to the word cheater

The 3 Most Common Ways To Recognize Playing Cards

You can fool people like Sheldon from the big bang theory by cheating together, but normal people like Penny would definitely figure out the way you operate the playing cards. However, you don’t have to be Sheldon for he wanna buy uranium from craigslist, but there are already three common ways to read cards from their back. Every poker player knows the fact better than others, which is if you can recognize playing cards even without looking the front, then you have a big chance to get a jackpot in poker. That being said, either you are a reliable guy or a card shark, you should learn those methods anyway, to protect yourself or to cheat, it is up to you, I am the one who carry with knowledge and messages.

The first method comes to my mind belong to cards with passwords, what I mean by passwords is those cards are produced to be slightly different from each other. If you are a reckless person you would only see nothing but the same back colors and graphic pattern of the whole deck, you are not aware of you are playing with a secret pack and ready to get screwed by the host of the deck. The passwords are tints and black-outs, every these deck would be wrapped with a detailed instruction about what the codes stand for, and every manufacturer company has different print solution. For example, a very little black dot in a tiny area of the back of a play card may refer to Ace, and two may refer to King or two. This is an easy solution only with little memory.

The second method is luminous marked cards, this one is not easy produced and highly needed advanced technology and skilled handwork. Those marked cards must assort with other cheating devices like spy sunglasses and contacts to read or filter lights. They often marked by special invisible inks and portions which only can be detected by the above spy devices, and those tools may work together with scanners and readers to predict future cards, that is even better and high technology, so price is not cheap for normal cheaters. Luminous marked cards have a variation, video-luminous marked cards, this system is used for many purposes not only cheat in poker, like it can monitor the game to see who are playing scams, and also to analyze the math behind the game, etc. It transmit the signals to screens or computers in another place from where players are.

The last one is not exactly a tool or a random object, it is a skill which not many people would learn through. There is a single word for this skill, observation, that is it. You see, even the most awesome DNA would make mistakes during copy itself, not to mention the production of playing cards. So the fact is cards in one deck have unperceived and latent print diversity, not all of them, but few of them would change the game results in a splendid way. The texture, figure, inks, lines would all possibly appear to differ from the established pattern, and by that, a poker pro would easily and unwittingly recognize most cards of a new deck after play it like three or four times.

So in conclusion, the easiest way to apply those three methods, I think they should be the first one and second one, as passwords and marks. But if you invest your efforts into the third solution, and finally master it, then you will be rich in a safe way.

Mark For Different Poker Game

It’s stupid to mark all your cards, dude, any experienced and skilled card sharp won’t do such stupid thing. You want to know reason? That’s easy. I’ll tell you why. First, if you dare to make cheating signs on all cards in one deck, you increase the chance to be caught. Second, about the mark system, you should assign every value a different symbol, and you gonna fail to remember all of them and surely screw them up during games. Third, the stuff used to do this marking job such as invisible inks and luminous juice are not cheap. Four, you are the god of the poker table, you know all the cards(if you overcome the second point), then spontaneously you tend to win more and more and this will get people suspicious about you. Five, when you’re playing at casino, you can slightly daub some juice onto your hand cards, but casino try to renew decks of being played, if so your work are in vain. May be I could list more items about the reason you can’t mark all cards, but at this point I am sure you get my thoughts.

So, the correct way of cheating by marked cards is just to make some significant cards highlighted only to you. By this rule if you agree, then it is possible to see the different between all community card poker about the marking works, or just mainly the H.O.R.S.E(Texas, Omaha, Razz, Seven card stud and Eight-or-better high-low stud), because they are the most stake game ever in all casinos. But let’s just begin with an easy one, the blackjack, also known as 21.

Rules of 21 are quite simple, you definitely win by owning exactly 21 points cards, by over the 21 means bum, lower then keep betting or just holding, finally who win with the highest values. Jack, Queen, and King are 10 points and Ace can be one or eleven. So in this number game, the cards you should mark are the face cards and maybe 10s or 9s. Most of cases, we are worried about big numbers rather than small numbers.

Another example I will go with crazy eight, this is a matching game for eight and suits. This maybe a home game instead of cash poker, but make it as an instance to explain the concept is quite enough. Without any doubt, you should have all 4 8s be marked(if you use one pack for like two or three players), and except that, what cards left to be able to share this honor? Notice it is suit relevant game, so probably 13 cards a suit is pretty too many, but you have no choice, right? But still better than get all 52 cards painted.

What about baccarat? It is a banking game for players against bankers. The cards values are as it is but only face cards and tens stand for zero, get almost 9 or equal to 9 points is the destination, and beyond that, you just get the smallest digital number of the value. Clearly, nine is important to be in the list, and in this case, the cards with pictures once dominate an influential share of other number games have none business to be concerned about.

Now we come to the real poker here, the Texas holdem, but I would not just speak only this holdem because, you see, the other famous poker like five card draw and Omaha are all kind of similar to holdem, they are all the variations of poker gambling games. Those game share the same hands as follow from high cards to royal straight flush, and of course the odds of those hands are from higher to much lower. If I talk about the probability of poker hands, that would become another post, so according to research done by other poker pros and Mathematicians, I think the most worthy of tagging are the pairs, especially pocket aces. But surly you have other choices, look into this detailed list of holdem probability and find out the ways of being comfortable to you with your own playing strategy. Since we are here, I should tell you that the goal is to narrow down the uncertain measurements and increase the chance of making right decisions, it would not be 100% of knowing all things, but rather try to choose guess correctly. No one can ensure to win each game, even the world’s famous players have no such guarantee. But they have something else, something is beyond the cheating tools, that are skills and observations.

Seven card stud is contrary to holdem for the winning order of poker hands, as the lowest high cards become victory. So this is totally another story compare with marking holdem. You may wanna consider the lower cards this time, like two or three. Other points to be noted are similar with Texas and Omaha.

Don’t even think of marked cards would do all the jobs for you, even producers like eyemarkedcards and bicyclecards would more prefer only marked high value cards. Cheaters should pay attention to this advise, and if they think about going to play scams or tricks, then they must prepare for those kind of actions, do not just hope to be succeed, hard works are end of the discussion. Practice your skills, develop your own symbol system, learn to give up and lose some good situations and so on, then you are able to handle this old school fraud with improved by the advanced technologies.

Finally, a citation from cardshark.us would be more convinced and probative to this post,

An expert painter will only prepare as many cards as absolutely needed for a particular game.

Two Meanings of Marked Cards

When I put a phrase into searchable box, I expect to get what I want. But you must commit it, we live in a world full of words share synonyms or a vocabulary gets several meanings. The topic of “marked cards” has this property, that is what I gonna talk about.

First of all, if I let you input this phrase into Google, what will you find out about the results? In the first three pages they are almost about the original meaning of marked card, which is a card is being marked either on somewhere on its back or its corner. The methods of this marking job are quite a large number and impressive if you frequently access to this kind of cheating objects. Ink, juice and dust are just a amount of them, maybe in not long future, cheaters and magicians will apply quantum physics into the art of cheating. So anyway, this is the first and normal meaning people would refer to.

The second meaning I will never know if I haven’t dig into this field so much. I myself am a computer games fan, I mean very big fan, I almost play them everyday. But you can not play all the games which were published.  Fallout is one of this kind of game I never played before, marked card is one of the special terms in this game. I know it is still a deck of cards, but come on, it is virtual object exists only in digital world. So people such as gamers talk about it too, but they actually mean the other way.

So what is the different after all, aren’t they the same thing anyway? Yes, I have to admit, they are the same thing in the first sense, but when we hold them one on your left hand and another on your right hand, you see two different outstretched world. The former is exactly an material object in the real world, we mention it when we mean poker cards that can be marked and cheat in gambling. The latter is an object in concept, and we mention it when we mean it, that being said, it is just it, a game object, no extended properties.

Made a graph to help clarify concept:

two meanings of marked cards

two meanings of marked cards

I hope I explain everything all clearly. Sometimes we are not playing any paronomasia, the words themselves really tell a story. I am really I am the one who is aware the power of words and phrases, and have the chance to get approach to marked cards niche.

Invisible Ink Glasses

One of methods of card marking is daub invisible ink on the back of cards, it’s simple and more safe.  Two ways exist to do such job out there, one is using a pre-made deck full of marked cards or just some of face cards, another one is use some sleights to smear this kind of sightless inks to playing cards while you and other poker players are into it. Pre-made decks are for the situation that you host the game, and trick sleights are on the other side. Those invisible inks are really can not see by naked eyes, unless you are superman, just kidding.

And if that is supposed to be just so, how can the cheater himself detect to cards later on which he did marks on them? Well, that’s not a problem actually, you know the different between visible light and invisible light is just the wavelength of electromagnetic wave. So our naked eyes can not approach the invisible ink is because the wavelength of it is not located at visible light frequency spectrum. If we get a method that could translate unobservable stuff into things that can be saw, problem will solved. And that’s why we come out of devices like glasses which has ability to recognize those signs on the back of poker cards.

Glasses is cool, and most important is it is not banned at casinos. You can both show your poker face and read marked cards through this amazing cheating devices. And at the mean time, don’t forget bring your little bottle of  invisible ink to gambling, and previously daub them on your little finger or sleeves. And when you are playing Texas holdem or five cards draw, use the ink to mark the cards you think important, for example, ace and king. Think about the symbol you want to distinguish from ace to king in case of you totally forget and everything is in vain. And better to practice it often at your own place before you get to real fight, because it is easy though but dangerous anyway, cheating is never good, so use it and play it at your own risk.

This blog post is just an introduction to those cheating methods and devices, not boosting them. For more information you should know as gamblers, there are other forms besides glasses, such as spy camera and poker analyzer. Those things are all sold online, easy to buy them.

At last, here is a fun article to show you how to make invisible ink by lemon juice, interesting, you should see: link here.