How To Sleep Early

I try to make a early bed time for myself, in order to get a good health and fit mind. After ultimately failed several times, I am now making a list to go over step by step.

1. Be aware of that thought in the daytime

You should know exactly in the daytime what you eventually gonna do in the evening, that is go to sleep early, at least early than last night. Don’t take it for granted, if staying late is your enemy, you should know it fairly well before going for combats. You know it, you set bed time clearly, you plan for it, you stick to it, then you have the chance to stand up to second phrase.

2. Drain Yourself Before Going to Bed

One reason you can’t get yourself to sleep is you still keep some active energy, whatever they are. Now assumed you have a job, work your ass out by day, assumed you have a dream, study you ass out by evening before bedtime. Expend your both physical and mental energy, by exercising for at least 30 minutes and studying knowledge for almost 2 hours every day.

3. Don’t Nap at Noon

Once you sleep way early, you regain energy a little bit overly. Don’t nap, instead try having meditation for like 15 minutes, close your eyes, put on headphones with light music, avoid disturbing as much as you can, lose the connections between you and reality and become insusceptible. Cleanse your mind, focus on something like breath or just totally be vacuous.

4. Habit is the Power

Once you start, carry on. After a month of trying, you get yourself a great habit. A habit is a powerful thing that you do it spontaneously, without doubt. And try to earn more habits around this sleeping habit, to boost it and maintain it more easily.

5. Things You Shouldn’t Do in the Evening

  • Eat too much, especially one hour near to fall asleep
  • Get too excited, by any lures
  • Think too much, save that for tomorrow
  • Sit around
  • All playing not studying

6. Things You Should Do in the Evening

  • Close all digital device, include laptops and cell phones at least 30 minutes ahead bedtime
  • And reading for 20 minutes
  • Take several deep breaths
  • Have entertainments early
  • Reflect
  • Plan for tomorrow

7. Reward System

Keep recording your time and feeling, if you do a great continuous routine job, reward yourself, if you feel more vigorous than before, reward yourself. By rewards, I mean anything you want except stay up late.

How To Refute Phoebe On Evolution

Remember the scene when Ross and Phoebe argued about the evolution, and Ross got trap by Phoebe’s argument?

Ross&Phoebe argued on evolution and gravity

Ross&Phoebe argued on evolution and gravity – picture from

Ross couldn’t response to what Phoebe said something about even science could go wrong after many years, the example Phoebe gave was that our earth was believed to be flat but turned out to be spherical, her point is science could be wrong in a way and there is a chance that the evolution is all inaccurate. At that very moment, Ross as a paleontologist and a doctor who worked at museum couldn’t figure something out to refute P’s insistence.

Before I continue, I should claim I am a big fan of Friends and love the six boys and girls equally. but I have to say when I watched this particular scene, I was in a kind of angry and embarrassed, and a little sad. How so? The angry part of emotion was for Phoebe, the embarrass feeling was for Ross, and the tiny sad sentiment is for the human’s stupid. Besides, I don’t know what the editors’ thoughts, I mean why they even shot this story between R’s and P’s, they tried to reveal something or not, I really don’t have a clue, whatsoever, shame on Ross and pity to Phoebe.

What do I mean by that? First of all, you must clear about Ross and Phoebe are not real person, second, Ross as a scientist guy didn’t how to respond is really unexpected, third, Phoebe literally was uneducated and lacked of critical thinking.

OK, enough for chit-chat, here is the answer corresponding to this post’s title:

  • Science is a common knowledge of every human beings, what you observe, ask, think, prove and so on are all the way you seek for the ultimate truth, and that’s science. Science is not fancy stuff we create, but as a connatural information and methods about the universe and is really not dependent on only humans.
  • Science is a knowledge that can be proved and also can be disapproved over time, part of them. Because the major science can not be wrong, otherwise we can not make any computers or cell phones out, not to mention those successful manned spaceship and landing on moon.
  • Evolution as a part of science, created by Darwin, is a theory of describing how human formed in the past and the possibility of future development. This theory was not just there out of blue, instead it took the biologist dozens of years to form it gradually and eventually came with a whole system, via observing the birds in different islands, collecting archaeology bones and fossils and thinking.
  • There is a methodology called inference to the best explanation, the name indicates the cases that some of phenomenons and mechanisms that current sciences and technologies can not explain. Be that as it may, we have to try thinking and arguing about those unexplained and even unexplored things, or we should stop all human activities. So with that being said, we choose the best explanation as our major study direction, then to prove it, to use it for explaining existed and unknown things, to connect it to other subjects.
  • So evolution is our first choice other than anything else, because it is partly a whole system with some reliable evidences and arguments, that makes more sense to us instead of just giving a simple assumption.
  • And there biologists keep working and studying, they found more and more evidences to evolution and so as the gaining of reliability over time. And of course there might be tiny flaws inside the theory, but scientists can fix them and refine them, even replace them, but not the whole system. This works for all the science, like relativity theory and quantum mechanics.

After you read all the list items, if you are smart, you already know how to refute Phoebe. So where Phoebe was wrong?

  1. The example per se, the change view of earth sharp is just the improvement of science’s view rather than science can not work at all, not to say the spirit of methodology science is using.
  2. There is one thing that is eternal, that is logic, and with the gaining of experience and knowledge, we can be more and more precise on some very basic level of fundamental. At the age of ignorance, it is not a big deal that even the smartest guy think earth is flat, purely because they are lack of enough knowledge, and with that insufficient, they hardly can prove anything. So it is not a good example and argument.
  3. Phoebe was lack of thinking ability, she did not even think this thing through then just jump to conclusion, maybe it is not her fault, I mean, she barely had attended school and finished the education, she lived in street during the important time of a teenage who shall be at school. So basically in my opinion, she got a bad influence from streets and her broken family.

Why Ross was stumbled? The reasons I can think of are:

  1. First, Ross was a geek, not a speaker. He could not debate with the girl who once lived in streets.
  2. Ross was tripped into a logical error, and he knew but failure to say it out.
  3. The writer’s intention, maybe they were also the same type of Phoebe, no offense. But it also could be bazinga or ironic way of expressing something that most of people are foolish. It makes me think of the quote from Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

This is a personal post to express my feelings on this special scene, not try to assault anyone rather speak the right things out, for the right people. I don’t expect to convince anyone too, but true things should not be unsung and even be killed by wrong things. Anyway, Friends is a great show, I am a big fan. Ross may not be a perfect guy, but he is a good pal. Check the best moments of Ross on YouTube.

Response to Bone of Contention

Keep Summer In Mind

The change of four seasons is the eternal laws of nature. When summer comes over to us at a brisk pace, can you be aware of its approach? And when it leaves without any message in advance, do you feel the way of something is changed.

If you ask a naughty boy what is the summer’s flavor, he will answer without hesitation that the flavor of summer is ice cream with strawberries and blueberries on the top. If you ask a quiet girl the same question, she will reply that the most charming stuff in summer is fragrance of the blossom of gardenias after wet. If you ask a diligent worker this question, he would respond to you that summer is the season of gulping a watermelon and that summer tastes as sweet as watermelon juice.

In my eyes, summer is a beautiful season that people get up early to see the splendid sunrise in the morning and sit on a soft beach in the evening with salty breeze blowing in the face, watching waves coming over and over again, playing cards with a few good friends and enjoying fish, chips and beer. People talk cheerfully and laugh heartily. In my impression, this is the being of summer.

It’s getting cold outside, let’s not forget what summer is and keep it deeply in our minds. When the time it comes again, we run out our cotton-padded clothes and get as close as we can to the beach and wind.

Wrote By Miss Lin, with a little amendment by me, Mae Channing.

How to Read Mind Behind Poker Faces

In our daily life, we are often lost in such a confusion that we thought we can understand each other better than others while the reality is not the case. We get acquainted and have got along well with each other for a long time, but we still can not get a good understanding of each other. The reason for it is that we can not read people’s mind. In the following, I will provide you with several useful steps to help you read the mind of the guy you care.

Method One:

It is known to us that eyes are the window to the soul. In order to read a person.s mind and see through him or her, we are supposed to take a careful look at their eyes. According to a survey, the change of pupil size shows whether we like the information that is presented in front of us or not. For example, when we see a beauty or a handsome guy, our pupil will usually turn big. Besides that, there is a research showing that our  pupils will become big when we meet our peers. For example, if you are one member of the liberty party and you see Martin Luther King, your pupils will unaware become bigger than usual. Therefore, when w want to read one’s mind, we can take notice of his eyes at first, because eyes can expose what he really think in the bottom of his heart to us. Although he poses a poker face before you, you can always find something special in his eyes.

Method Two:

Water is to fish what air is to human beings. In order to live, we need to take breaths every day. According to common sense, we know that it is the simplest way for a man to take a deep breath to clam himself down. In view of this, when you see a guy takes a deep breath before you,you can tell that he is constraining his emotions. If he is reserved at first but suddenly becomes talkative, it shows that his emotion begins to be unstable. As a matter of fact, breath can teach us many things to know what a guy does not tell us. Another clues for reading mind before a poker face is that there are some people who are inclined to put their hands on the thigh and rub their hands back and forth in an attempt to ease nerves and relieve emotion.

Method Three:

It is a good way for us to judge a man by taking a careful observation of his behaviors. We know that a man will tend to make different reactions when he comes across different conditions and that he will behave the same as usual when he meets nothing special. For example, if your friend is taken to a strange place where he know nobody but you, he will tend to imitate you in many aspects. He will imitate your moves and finally becomes another you. This phenomenon is also called “mirror reflection” in psychology. Therefore, when you see your friend likes to follow or imitate you, it means that he or she is beginning to rely on you because they are not familiar with the surroundings. Even if they don’t tell you what he really thinks, you can know they needs some time to make themselves adapt to the new circumstances.

As a mater of fact, everyone around us is like a book. In order to get a better understanding of them, we are required to read their minds as much as possible. Although they tend to pose a poker face and hide their authentic thoughts, we can still know what he really thinks in the inner heart more or less by means of some effective measures.

Wrote by Miss Lin.

Wrong Poker Shmictionary

Poker, this game was invented in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1829 and soon it has spread to all over the world. Now it is part of Chinese daily life, and we all call it pu ke(as transliteration to poker). When I was a kid, spent time with my friends around, anyone said “let’s play poker”, it really meant any card games played by children. That’s the way we call all card games as poker, and we rarely call it card games. The other day I was told that I have the meaning of poker in the wrong dictionary, I’ve always put it in the Shmictionary.

Now I am clear of it’s meaning, poker refers to the games of betting and gambling, while card game is a game played with standard 54 English deck of cards with two jokers. So basically games like Texas holdem and five card stud are poker, because they need money to attend. Others like old maid and go-fishing, are card games played for fun and recreation. The mistake I’ve made was called all card games as poker, but may be it’s not a mistake, it’s a different exists in cultural diffusion especially between west and east.

The order:
Poker – > Deck – > Spread to China – > Transliterating to pu ke – > Meaning changed to all card games – > Other card games came

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