Things Drive Me Momentarily

No matter how tired I am, those things below would definitely rejuvenate me again.

Passionate Music

Music is a language that everybody understands and easily feels empathically.

He’s a pirate

The Mass

Exodus Played by Maksim

Quotes and Words

Great words are like poems filled with philosophy.

Three Passions of Bertrand Russell

Three Passions of Bertrand Russell

Speeches And Videos

I have a dream


We are just a very tiny piece of universe, there are tons of unknown waiting to be found.

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field – picture from wiki

And this mass of great pictures on one of questions at Quora keep remain me what great place I live.


  • Forrest Gump
  • Life Is Beautiful
  • Coraline

And last,


I believe in myself deeply, I am a man who is positive and try to make our world a better place.


Conversation Between Mysterious Islanders And Robinson

Two books: The mysterious island by Jules Verne and Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. In case you aren’t familiar with these books, they are the stories about castaways. For convenience, from here I will call the group from the island as the eight, since there are six men, one dog and an orangutan in the team.

Robinson: So you are from the mysterious island, which is a paradise for marooned people. It gets plenty of minerals that you can use and produce modern and effective products like saw, glass and gunpowder?

The Eight: Yes, we are. And we also get a engineer, who knows everything about how they work. He taught us how to make bricks, glasses and even water machine lift.

Robinson: And you have five people initially, I was alone most of my solitary time.

The Eight: Yes, we have five, but that wouldn’t make castaway life sound more fancier. At least, you finally have company with Friday, we are sure he is your reward of not giving up.

Robinson: Well, I just guess that’s my misfortune for being impetuous and never learn. Anyway, how’s your life over there, on the Lincoln island?

Pencroft: The most hardest thing was lack of tobacco, but my dear journalist and botanist, they surprised me with a smoking pipe filled with tobaccos one day, besides that, everything seemed fine to me.

The Other Seven: Let’s ignore Pencroft and his little hobby. But we do went through some tough time, like the cold winter without warm clothes, pirates crisis, destructive volcano eruption and all kinds of mysterious phenomenons etc. Thank goodness we have abundant food, such as sea clams, tortoise soup, wild boar, grouse, capybara and drinks made by plants and trees. Hunting is easy for some seasons of year, and later we also planted wheat and breed sheep.

Robinson: If only I could drift the same place and with you guys together.

The Eight: Don’t be silly, the most important thing is you are alive, life is tough all the time, and you went through it, that makes you more stronger.

Robinson: Yeah, you don’t say. So how long did you trapped on that island?

The Eight: Two years, more or less.

Robinson: Holy crap! Mine are 28 years. So, let me get this straight. You guys are rich now, you own the island, you are still young, and your country gets united. Basically, you just went for a vacation, and not a regular one.

The Eight: Yes, we are.

Robinson: Anyhoo, pleased to meet you.

An Island Leader

“That is difficult to say, Cyrus,” answered the reporter, “for any imprudence might involve terrible consequences. But his convalescence is progressing, and if he continues to gain strength, in eight days from now–well, we shall see.”

If you once read the book contains the above paragraph, you would figure out which it is. I shall give you chance to guess.

If you are right, the book is The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. Unfortunately I was not nearby any books, so I managed to find this paragraph in a manner of mathematical translation from third sentence on page 82 to here via online reading. But that’s not important.

I should roughly introduce you a little background of that chunk. The brave boy of being youngest islet explorer of five castaways was injured by a gunshot and now in terrible but progressing convalescence. And the other four was fighting against those pirates who had been invading their territory.

So here I try to make a post about what I am going to deal with such predicament as my team’s leader. First of all, in my team, I get four men in total(five if count me, since I’m very in), a smart dog Top and a loyal orangutan Jup. And one man is with Jup and separately away from the others at headquarters, no telephone communication available(the pirates had broken the wires). And also that poor brave boy, he was unable to move and needed a great deal of rests, we shall protect him at any costs. But good news is we get enough food, supplies, and weapons.

The enemies could be anywhere, and we don’t know how many are they, let’s assume the same amount to my men. Though we know the geographical conditions, it is still the most difficult battle we should face, for we don’t want anyone gets hurt any more.

Now come to my sortie plan. First, I would sent out a man and the dog Top as scouts, to detect any possible dangers surround us. One should be very vigilant and nimble for that job. If we’re sure to find a corner is safe, I should try sending another man as deliver to make contact to the man and Jup at our original base, and transmit the message of outflanking enemies peripherally to him. But we need Jup to gain our manpower, so the ranger should alone to finish his job. Meantime, we should enforce our defensive establishment, traps and barriers to keep the wounded safe. And what are needed to be all done, we are starting to launch attacks positively and prudently. Our enemies still have to eat something grilled, and the smoke can betray them. And if war is on, we are ready to besiege them and hit them hardly. We will win, cause we are the owners of this island.

Fantasy idea come from this page.

I Want Writing Skills

A question from the wp prompt:

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

My answer would be writing skills. I started to write this blog half a year ago, and now new year had passed several days ago. Check my 2014 blog annual  report created by WordPress team, only 2400 times page visits in six months, how sad is it? So what if I can write my every post with an interesting and intellectual reading experience, how great is that, right?

Improving my writing skill doesn’t only mean more visitors, but also stands for the appreciation to the words and sentences themselves. You can embellish your article like a poem(or actually a poetry), or write it in a very organized and informative manner to help readers quickly position their desired sections.

And if I know more about pictures editing and Photoshop, that would be more better, words and images together can establish a well-formed post and leave people a very impressive sense. And if I can shot a viral video on Youtube, and embed into my post, that shall bring a mass of people to my blog.

I wish I could bring creativity and uniqueness to my blog, though that require years of experience and wisdom, but just think about it sometimes. Right now, I just wrote what I know, and tons of people have the level of my knowledge. I should keep learning and digging, I should be an expert of something.

And I also realize content outreach is crucial to my blog even bigger than content themselves, since you wrote a piece of good content and turn out on one could reach them, that just make no sense.

So, bring it on.

Books Suit For Reading In the Beginning of New Year

The books suit for reading in January, the time of very beginning of a new year, to refresh and support you to go through another set of 365 days.

  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer for relaxing and pure mindset
  • The Mysterious Island for being positive life explore
  • The Art of War for detecting and avoiding workplace conflicts
  • The Selfish Gene for reconstruction of genes and human, to think big

See what others’ readings of new year:

Still today’s prompt:

Euler Problem 54 Answer Via Python

Euler problem 54, poker hands,

With a txt file filled with 1000 lines of poker hands from two players, the question is how many hands does Player 1 win?

I would give the answer at very bottom of this post in case of some guys like to crack it out on their own. My solution is via python program language and wrote the code on Sublime Text 2. Since I am a beginner of codes, my implementation is lousy and crappy, although it’s sure to get correct result. So here is just a way to carry out the problem, if you are unable to work it out, think need help, that my codes would at least are worthy of trying and inspiring.

Oh, no. It is shameful to paste my complete codes here, cause it is too straight and bumpy, even not optimized. Instead of that, I just illustrate the flow chart.

detect poker hands flow chart

detect poker hands flow chart

So I call two functions first, has_flush and has_straight, they are for checking whether a flush or straight exist or not. Combine with that information, I can determine the very highest poker hand each player has. But that’s not enough, cuz there would be chance the result would be a tie. So in that case, I should go for checking second highest poker hands and may continue for next compare and more, think about the situations when two players are all holding high cards and the four highest cards are same. Once finished the competition, return final result and add 1 point to due player win numbers variation. By the way, I have set up a ties variation to record all the ties, but I do not draw it in the chart, you will know the reason.

The challenges of this problem are only two parts, I believe. One is to convert to strings input into something can be calculated, another is to detect the highest poker hands. For them, I created one dictionary and two lists:

suits = {"H":1, "S":2, "D":4, "C":8}
values = ["0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","T","J","Q","K","A"]
ranks = ["High Cards", "One Pair", "Two Pair", "Three Of A Kind", "Straight", "Flush", "Full House", "Four Of A Kind", "Straight Flush", "Loyal Flush Straight"]

The dictionary type suits are for bitwise operators to check for same suit cards. The tricks of list type of values and ranks are the index of each item indicate its grade. And meanwhile you can determine the highest poker hand via these storage types.

Ok, now that’s jump to final answer to this problem, are you ready, you’re sure? The final answer is:

The answer of problem 54 of Euler project

The answer of problem 54 of Euler project

Last words. Man, after finished this, you should really consider about making a Texas holdem application online. Of course you still have other works to do, like simple random number generator, but after all, you finished the major part of that game.

Weird Christmas Gift Box

So here is the scene:

Mystery Box
You wake up one morning to find a beautifully wrapped package next to your bed. Attached to it is a note: “Open me, if you dare.” What’s inside the mystery box? Do you open it?

So assuming the morning of Christmas this year I got a mysterious gift box, with a note wrote in a aggressive  manner, “Do you Dare”. I do dare, with prudent mindset, I am going to open it eventually. But first of all, let me turn into Sherlock Holmes.

By applying Holmesian deduction, I start to list a set of latent questions may need to answer after all.

  • Who is the giver of the present?
  • Does he/she knows me?
  • What is the purpose of the giver behind the curtain?
  • What is inside the box?
  • How do I open the gift safely?
  • How to track and finally figure out what this all about?

Now I need to pay much close attentions to my bedroom, to detect any suspicious indications and collect deducible clews. I should be careful not to make any more clutters to the spot, looking for footprints, obvious fingerprints, special smell, any voices and stuffs that are unusual to what I am familiar with. I should check the door and lock, make sure windows were closed last night. I may examine the hidden corners, space under my bed, and inside of clothes cabinet. Oh, no chimney in my bedchamber, so it is not joke from Santa.

After done with my sleep place, I should walk around all my house to see if somewhere are strange, and meantime I need to ask all the people near me about the wrapped box, observe and remember their every facial expression, eye contact, body language and words.

Next big thing is to explorer the very gift I had received some time last night without actually opening it. First I’d like to know the weight, heavy or light, I can use a long stick to move it so that I can feel it and imagine it of how it looks like. To go further, I may determine to put it exposed under invisible radiations such as x-ray or infrared radiations, that way I could look inside without unpacking.

With collecting all enough information about the spot, I should try to start answering those questions in the list. Like Holmes, I will sit quietly in my sofa and relaxedly for next half an hour or longer, but without lighting any cigarette and smoke being filled the entire room.

Nah, just open up the box and a surprise clown jumps out.

there you are surprise clown

Xmas gift: jack-in-the-box