One Day Squander

It is Sunday, it would go as usually planed to walk until sunset, but things change, I have got a temporary right to use the infinite money in the Universe bank for only one day. So I have to give up my weekly ritual this time, and turn to think about what I can do to make an extravagant expenditure before deadline. I am really running of time to deal with my ecstatic mood and drastic heartbeats, so anyhow I make a list of things should be finished in this jackpot day.

First, think others before me, since Christmas is coming to town, why not me be Santa for one day. Now that I don’t have reindeer the Rudolph and the other eight ones as delivery men, and probably you can’t buy them with money either, so the compromise would be me buying gifts as many as possible for kids on the earth. And not only children, those who are in poor conditions also can get my givings. A man’s happiness is much less than crowds’.

A poor, bare, miserable room it was, with broken windows, no fire, ragged bedclothes, a sick mother, wailing baby, and a group of pale, hungry children cuddled under one old quilt, trying to keep warm.

The quote is from Little Women, background is the four girls try to help one poor family in Xmas time. I don’t buy our world now is already a great place of living, so give your hands to others as you can.

Second thing is for me, I want to do is buy me a ticket for travelling to space. I heart about the price is being 250,000 dollars now for one person one round trip to travel around space near earth, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo carrier definitely is not the load I can carry without current unlimited fund. Maybe I should buy the company for future case.

What about you, how would you like to spend a day with an endless cash maker.


Maybe I Wanna Reread Little Women

Today I read the prompt about picking up a book off the shelf and reread it, actually it remains me the other day I’ve just wrote a blog exactly talked about the noble novel Little Women. I am not so into this book so far, I get a lot of free time, and now here is the chance of rereading it, so why not?

I read an another great book wrote by Jane Austen, the book Pride and Prejudice, I may be a little prejudice on Little Women before, so I’d like to give it another chance. I remember the four sisters and I love them, however, this time I wanna try to get out of the frame, and look through it from a big picture. My friends told me that I am a perspective guy, so I should give it a go this way.

By the way, I really like the age between 1800-1920, this is the golden age of literature.

Little Women Is Good But…

Two years ago, I went to a big bookshop, intended to buy some new books to read in free time. I saw some wonderful books still not on my reading list, include Little Women, Secret Garden and Heidi and so on. So I finally chose Little Women, because I have not much money at hand. For your information, I heard about this great book before, the four kindest girls of March who have their own different destinations. And also I am a atheist, this has to be clarify before I continue.

When I got home, I started to read this masterpiece immediately. The story began with the Christmas was coming to town, and after finished several chapters, I realized this is a Christian novel. I am a fast reader, soon I finished all the entire book. It was good, but at some level, I was not that much into this book. There was something I didn’t appreciate it, something deep down in my heart, I knew this feeling, I knew it told me that I do not totally like this yarn. I know what I would like to be when I really enjoy a book. However, this time, I was not.

I mean, I love those March sisters, and the town neighbors around them. Meg is a great oldest sister, she is kind, mature and responsible to her other sisters. She is gonna to be a terrific wife and truly she is. Jo, the independent and gutsy boyish girl, she is a dreamer in that time. Beth, my fave, her leave made me sad all day. Amy, vivacious and clever, and struggle for art, only a little selfish. Those four sisters are wonderful person, if they are alive, I’d like to be best friend with them.

The thing I do not appreciate may be is the writing, or the story telling, or too much preaching. I think the book shows us a good moral atmosphere, but apparently in a wrong way. All the personalities are wonderful, but the whole story seems a little fake, or too nice, even on my fave Beth’s death.

Other people around me say it is a good book, but I have opinion in a different way. And it’s not a matter of taste!

So do you have any book you read and do not like it but yet your best friends rave about it? Share yourself here.

Nevertheless, I found the sound tracks of Little Women movie are amazing, you should listen them too. Detail information.