Chinese Card Game: Marathon

The name of this card game indicates the need of long time playing for every round, not stands for how it plays.

Marathon card game need a deck of 52 cards without jokers, and is game of suit relevant. The order of the cards are as the numbers on them, ace is the biggest. It’s participating game for at least two players, and if run out of cards, it’s fine to add more. The same winning condition with same other games, like lying, among all the players, anyone who discard all cards will be the winner.


  • Everyone draws cards from the deck faced down on the table, and stops if each player have five cards on hand.
  • At the very beginning, the first one draws card goes first, and will be changed in next turn to the winner who won last turn with maximal number.
  • Follow card only in the same suit, and if can’t do that,
    1. should turn up the left pile of deck one by one to find the same suit card, deal that card and collect all previous cards on the top of that card to hand.
    2. If nothing comparable can be found in the pile or the pile has already gone, the player who is stuck should take away all the cards of this round to hand, and all the other players stop and begin with new card from left one of that loser.

Since I haven’t played this game before, so I don’t really know how long it will take to play each game. But I think the collecting cards punishment mechanism may fair enough to gain some playing time every round, and if I am a winner, I must be boring to wait for the others to finish the Marathon.