Number Off Card Game

I am not sure about this card game whether it originates from China, but I did find it on Chinese websites whereas nothing on English websites, maybe it’s my negligence of search phrase, nevertheless it is called number off from direct translation from Chinese.

Number off is an easy and fun game, not complicated at all, all you should do already be told by the name of this game.


Prepare a standard deck of 52 cards, wipe off jokers(again? why us :-(.). Add decks if necessary. No limit numbers of players. Now deal all cards averagely to each player, if 52 can not be divided by the sum of participants, then fill free to roll with punches. All piles of cards in front of every player are faced down.


Play it anticlockwise, and it doesn’t matter who start the first card. Now come to the count off part, from A to 13 and circle again, that is to say every time start the game with numbering A and the starter deal a card faced up to the board, if the value of that card match his count, for example, he pronounce 10 and his card index is just right 10, then the player take all the cards on the pot. If not, keep rolling. This is a match game to avoid losing cards, versus throwing matches(draw the turtle) of which purpose is make all cards on hand to be got rid.


This time I use losing against winning. That predicates the first one run out of cards lost the game, and winner stay last. And I think maybe there is a possible that sometimes this game will take long time to decide a victory or defeat, that been said, it is still a card game with fun.