Fireside Sidekick

First of all, let’s all sing this fireside girl anthem together.

Irving claimed himself as the biggest fan of Phineas and Ferb, so do I. If I would want a long talk with someone, I definitely choose the two intelligent boys. They always have the most exciting and creative ideas to build something out, and bring neighborhood friends a good time. 

My very first thing of every morning of summer vacation to do is picking up my scrapbook and camera, and then rushing into the two geniuses’ house and say hello to them. I even don’t need to talk, just stand by and listen the every word come out from their mouths, take pictures of what they are doing and collect them into my photo album. I am not a stalker, rather a smart man like to hang out with smart men, learn something new and be inspired.

fireside girls' patch get

fireside girls’ patch get

This is a great animation I am talking about, if you have not known anything about this show, I highly recommend it to you and your kids.