Things Drive Me Momentarily

No matter how tired I am, those things below would definitely rejuvenate me again.

Passionate Music

Music is a language that everybody understands and easily feels empathically.

He’s a pirate

The Mass

Exodus Played by Maksim

Quotes and Words

Great words are like poems filled with philosophy.

Three Passions of Bertrand Russell

Three Passions of Bertrand Russell

Speeches And Videos

I have a dream


We are just a very tiny piece of universe, there are tons of unknown waiting to be found.

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field – picture from wiki

And this mass of great pictures on one of questions at Quora keep remain me what great place I live.


  • Forrest Gump
  • Life Is Beautiful
  • Coraline

And last,


I believe in myself deeply, I am a man who is positive and try to make our world a better place.


Ready Set Done Is Not Prompt

Is it only me or someone else got the feeling that WordPress team is sleepyhead, they have prompted “Ready Set Done” five times. I think we seek for daily prompt for particular and creative topic to write out about an inspiration, but clearly write anything in ten minutes won’t help that. So this paragraph can be considered as a complaint or maybe it is just another daily prompt to the today’s topic.

I totally can write literately anything in ten minutes without any thinking, but come on, this is my online blog, it will be saw and should be nice to my visitors and readers(although to be honest, I actually don’t think my blog is good enough for further reading, basically just a personal ramble blog). Ten minutes blah is not worth the time, in fact, I wasted more ten minutes to get this post out of mind.

So I am out, no words to continue. Hope for this weekend’s prompt would arouse my interest, OK that’s enough, few more blahs, really gonna go.

Oh, one more thing I almost forgot, ready set and done is not prompt any more when it came out too many times.

Mouths Wide Shut

Last time, I’ve checked that I still hate eat bitter gourd, it’s bitter and probably don’t go with any other food materials. I remember two months ago, WordPress already had a prompt about picky tongue, that time I went for this vegetables also. And now today’s prompting reminds me again, so I check this food on Internet, found that it has several names, like balsam pear, Momordica charantia, bitter squash, bitter melon or maybe more. I don’t know why people eat this plant, but I guess it may be good for our health, also saw some medical use for this herbaceous vine.

As a omnivore, I literately can eat anything, as long as I want to, even the bitter gourd thing, but as I say above, it’s bitter, so I try not to eat unless somebody point a gun to my head. Joking, it is in fact not that bad, I ate this stuff several times before, it tastes bitter but I still can handle it. To make a long story short, I can eat it as a secondary choice. Several things like fat meat, fragrant-flowered garlic, and freshwater mussel and crabs are all my subordinate options when I was a little kid. You know how kid would be more too picky on food.

As for my favorite food quirks, I love Chinese food, almost every recipe and dishes. The most favorite is dumpling soaked with proportional soybean sauce and vinegar. Others like Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Szechwan Shrimp and Wonton Soup and there are many more.

This is today’s prompt: Mouths Wide Shut

Autumn Is Coming

I felt a little cold when I waked up every morning in these days, the temperature seems fall a little bit. I think it is the time for me to wash some autumn clothing, to cover me and avoid the slight chill in the air. I haven’t seen any leaves turn yellow or fall down, but I know autumn time is coming to town. Human beings, prepare for the white winter, the chilling snow and the frozen cold. Bring on warmth gloves, make a big fire in the fireplace, oh don’t forget serve yourself a cup of hot lattes, it makes you vigorous and snug.

What I like most about autumn is the change of temperature between the two seasons, the other one is of course summer. When you are in summer, as if you go through the Sahara desert all by yourself under the venomous sunlight. And once the fall drive summer away, it is like you go across the door of supermarket with air-conditioner installed, it is just like you have a shower in a sealed and hot room, and after that you leave the room, that feeling, that pleasantly cool, I know you get it.

Autumn is coming, and so do the fruits and paddies.

Ukraine. Flag colors

I wonder colors do exist or it is just our nervous system does the work, but I actually can feel the beauty of our nature, the yellow color of autumn , and colors of other seasons. Summer is green, winter is white, and spring, I will say it is colorful.

What Can I Do In Ten Minutes

What can I do in just ten minutes, this question made me start to think.

  1. Writing a blog post. Seriously, this idea came from today’s prompt: “ready, set, done“. Actually, this whole blog post’s idea came from the prompt. So in just ten minutes, you have to think about what to write and how to write it that makes sense. I mean, that’s a tough task for you, but it worth being a challenge after all.  Especially when you want to write something in the morning or at evening before bed, you get little time and writing is a good boost for a day, so time set is one of good ways.
  2. Listen to a good song two times. In positive psychology, listening to a song that you love so much is an activity called peak experience. It helps you live in the moment and feel your heart and body bonding together. Listen to every musical note and follow the melody, just forget about everything around you and in your mind. Focus yourself to the great song and all the world is about the song.
  3. 10 minutes meditation. Meditation is way important for human beings, don’t believe it, learn about OCD first. OCD patients often lose their control to their own brain and mind, and it is very tough for men to recondition subconsciousness and mental state. Keep clean of your mind help you avoiding unknown mental attacks or imbalance, and most important thing is it is the way to understand the universe better.

So that is all I can come up to my mind for things to do during ten minutes. So any thoughts of yours?

Back To 12 With 25 Years Wisdom

I always expect to have a time travel go back to yore or head to future, both time travel direction are exciting. Earth has 46 billion years old, that is a lot of time for me to go through, but I may want to see nautilus and Trilobite first, dinosaur a little later.  Old times has a huge history of exploration and exploiting, but also many old-fashioned things. Future is unknown, I’d like to think about it be much better than now what we live, I mean immortality of human, always happy and do what we want to do. I can not detail every event or breakthrough would happen in the future, but I am definitely sure about the perfectionism.

And sometimes I feel regret or pity on something I did in the past, or something I did not know but I do now. So I hope there would be a time machine or something else does the same effect can help me with my wish. I know I can’t, time is one direction dimension, nevertheless, you can not take away the power of imagination. I can imagine what would it be like if I bring my 25 years old wisdom then back to the year I still in my 12, I was 7th grade,Junior High.

It’s a funny and interesting experience I will say, but deeply in my mind, I would rather get some people’s advice when I was young and ignorant, and listen to them, that way I don’t need to travel with repent.

Daily prompt: Zoltar’s Revenge

The Other End Is Wherever I Am Now

I am glad the prompt had already set the original end of the magic tunnel to my home. I work far away from home, thousands of miles away, if I have the knowledge and ability to build a tunnel or wormhole to connect two places, there must be one end is located at my own home. I love home, home is the best, but I have to live a life outside it for making big money to be able to continue living on. Reality is brutal, if you don’t get paid, you will have no emotion to care about what is the real life would be. So I packed my baggage several years ago, went to big city, found a job there and then miss home.

It’s cool to be able to go home any time, and this idea of building a instant tunnel is great. I always hope our science would be much more advanced than now, we can build time machine, we get the chance to instantaneous transmission. According to Kardashev scale, our earth’s civilization still stay at very beginning of developing. It is a sad fact which I don’t like. I want my own spaceship which can take me any place in universe and return home as easy as it should be.

a spaceship flies through the wormhole

a spaceship flies through the wormhole

And finally, I will share you with a song, it tells the feelings about returning home.,+Country+Roads