Avoid Heat In Your Hair At Summer

Now it is summer time again, air temperature is getting hotter and hotter. Every guy with short hair sweats a lot, not to mention girls who have long hairs. We get the point of keeping hair grow to a extent, which is make girls more beautiful, but are there anything we can do to immensely reduce the heat in our hair that make us hot and sweaty. I am not an expert at this stuff, just try to give some advice.

Trim Your Hair

The most effective method I can think is the get you a haircut, trim the long hair into short hair. I know, most girls would kill themselves rather than shave their hair off, but you have to admit, this is the most straightforward troubleshooting. I don’t understand what mechanism is behind the beauty of long hair, but as I know, most girls with short hair are still looking good, for example, Emma Watson, hum, is she look fantastic and gorgeous with her short hair style(secretly I love her appearance more when she had long hair). With trimmed and bobbed hair, you save a big amount of time than long hair on taking good care and enough protection, let alone extremely decrease and even avoid overheat which would makes you more irritable and agitated in the fervent summer.

Emma Watson with short hair style

Emma Watson with short hair style

Get a Pony Tail

Move to Plan B if you don’t want to lose your precious long hair, which is to get yourself a pony tail hairstyle. Pony tail may not suit for longhairs whose hair length reaches upper arm and more, so those people may cut off a little bit of their hair. Anyhow, it’s a way that wearing your hair up, leave your nape and ears to be reached by air. That way, heat and perspiration could get away soon before they stock up and make you feel hot.

beautiful woman with low ponytail

beautiful woman with low ponytail

Above are two valid methods to cool your head. There may be others methods, like using a fan, combing your hair often, avoiding directly exposure under raging sunlight by holding a umbrella etc, but those are just supplementary means, you may do no matter what length of your hair is. Check here to see other people say about their feeling to long hair when it’s hot outside.

Keep Summer In Mind

The change of four seasons is the eternal laws of nature. When summer comes over to us at a brisk pace, can you be aware of its approach? And when it leaves without any message in advance, do you feel the way of something is changed.

If you ask a naughty boy what is the summer’s flavor, he will answer without hesitation that the flavor of summer is ice cream with strawberries and blueberries on the top. If you ask a quiet girl the same question, she will reply that the most charming stuff in summer is fragrance of the blossom of gardenias after wet. If you ask a diligent worker this question, he would respond to you that summer is the season of gulping a watermelon and that summer tastes as sweet as watermelon juice.

In my eyes, summer is a beautiful season that people get up early to see the splendid sunrise in the morning and sit on a soft beach in the evening with salty breeze blowing in the face, watching waves coming over and over again, playing cards with a few good friends and enjoying fish, chips and beer. People talk cheerfully and laugh heartily. In my impression, this is the being of summer.

It’s getting cold outside, let’s not forget what summer is and keep it deeply in our minds. When the time it comes again, we run out our cotton-padded clothes and get as close as we can to the beach and wind.

Wrote By Miss Lin, with a little amendment by me, Mae Channing.

Autumn Is Coming

I felt a little cold when I waked up every morning in these days, the temperature seems fall a little bit. I think it is the time for me to wash some autumn clothing, to cover me and avoid the slight chill in the air. I haven’t seen any leaves turn yellow or fall down, but I know autumn time is coming to town. Human beings, prepare for the white winter, the chilling snow and the frozen cold. Bring on warmth gloves, make a big fire in the fireplace, oh don’t forget serve yourself a cup of hot lattes, it makes you vigorous and snug.

What I like most about autumn is the change of temperature between the two seasons, the other one is of course summer. When you are in summer, as if you go through the Sahara desert all by yourself under the venomous sunlight. And once the fall drive summer away, it is like you go across the door of supermarket with air-conditioner installed, it is just like you have a shower in a sealed and hot room, and after that you leave the room, that feeling, that pleasantly cool, I know you get it.

Autumn is coming, and so do the fruits and paddies.

Ukraine. Flag colors

I wonder colors do exist or it is just our nervous system does the work, but I actually can feel the beauty of our nature, the yellow color of autumn , and colors of other seasons. Summer is green, winter is white, and spring, I will say it is colorful.


Summer Is Growing With My Age

When I was a kid, summer was a season which I could run and frolic with water, so do other children. Summer was the synonyms for fun and joy at that time, all the kids expected its coming day by day. Summer meant less homework, more play time, went for vacation, gobbled with many delicious foods. I would say this is the best time happened to me generally. Two months are a long time, especially for kids, but it seems not act like that way.  The summer holidays always hobble to the end of horizon line till we really feel it’s gone, and meanwhile the school suddenly is going to opening up again. I am not bragging here, I was a smart and bookish child back to school days, I even hated and was unwilling to go back to school. I would rather read books at home where I can behave casually.

But now I am old, twenties, far away from school and students. I never expect summer vacations, because that is impossible for me, I must work to earn money for a reason to live on.  And the hot weather of summer now has been always killing me, but I did not feel any heat when I was a kid. The only thing I can tell the different between summer holidays and other times is the less congested traffic because of kids do not need to go to school. So when the times for school returning, I know I should leave home earlier to avoid late for work. Summer is way way off from me, however, be that as it may, I don’t say I do not like summer any more.

I do expect one day, I would have a summer vacation somewhere at the beach. And I do not have to work any more, why on earth we should work?  So my plan is to earn a big money first and then retire at the prime age of mine. Because good time is for good enjoying moments, not working at office. I call it a dream, still work on it. Summer is growing with my age, my annual ring, my body, but it never grows with my mindset.

Daily prompt: August Blues

Iced Black Tea

Pick Your Potion
Captain Picard was into Earl Grey tea; mention the Dude and we think: White Russians. What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status?

Summer is insanely hot, I know, and I can’t endure it without any iced drinks. My summer supermarket shopping list is always stuffed with iced drinks, and my favorite taste is iced black tea. Chinese call it red tea, but name doesn’t matter, call whatever you want, I just want a shot. The taste of itself and mixed with ice-cold sensation, there is only one word you would like to find out, that is “wow”. However, this tea can make you feel thirst, you may wanna drink some water after that.

I am not a poet, I don’t know how to describe the feeling by using sentences and words. These kinds of sense I have stumbled across so many times, like listen to music I really enjoy, think nothing during meditation, oh and put myself 100% into video games. Those feelings are awesome, and I think they are the same, come from the same path.

If summer gonna stay like forever, I should pre-order all the iced black tea of my town.