Mouths Wide Shut

Last time, I’ve checked that I still hate eat bitter gourd, it’s bitter and probably don’t go with any other food materials. I remember two months ago, WordPress already had a prompt about picky tongue, that time I went for this vegetables also. And now today’s prompting reminds me again, so I check this food on Internet, found that it has several names, like balsam pear, Momordica charantia, bitter squash, bitter melon or maybe more. I don’t know why people eat this plant, but I guess it may be good for our health, also saw some medical use for this herbaceous vine.

As a omnivore, I literately can eat anything, as long as I want to, even the bitter gourd thing, but as I say above, it’s bitter, so I try not to eat unless somebody point a gun to my head. Joking, it is in fact not that bad, I ate this stuff several times before, it tastes bitter but I still can handle it. To make a long story short, I can eat it as a secondary choice. Several things like fat meat, fragrant-flowered garlic, and freshwater mussel and crabs are all my subordinate options when I was a little kid. You know how kid would be more too picky on food.

As for my favorite food quirks, I love Chinese food, almost every recipe and dishes. The most favorite is dumpling soaked with proportional soybean sauce and vinegar. Others like Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Szechwan Shrimp and Wonton Soup and there are many more.

This is today’s prompt: Mouths Wide Shut


Iced Black Tea

Pick Your Potion
Captain Picard was into Earl Grey tea; mention the Dude and we think: White Russians. What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status?

Summer is insanely hot, I know, and I can’t endure it without any iced drinks. My summer supermarket shopping list is always stuffed with iced drinks, and my favorite taste is iced black tea. Chinese call it red tea, but name doesn’t matter, call whatever you want, I just want a shot. The taste of itself and mixed with ice-cold sensation, there is only one word you would like to find out, that is “wow”. However, this tea can make you feel thirst, you may wanna drink some water after that.

I am not a poet, I don’t know how to describe the feeling by using sentences and words. These kinds of sense I have stumbled across so many times, like listen to music I really enjoy, think nothing during meditation, oh and put myself 100% into video games. Those feelings are awesome, and I think they are the same, come from the same path.

If summer gonna stay like forever, I should pre-order all the iced black tea of my town.

Little Women Is Good But…

Two years ago, I went to a big bookshop, intended to buy some new books to read in free time. I saw some wonderful books still not on my reading list, include Little Women, Secret Garden and Heidi and so on. So I finally chose Little Women, because I have not much money at hand. For your information, I heard about this great book before, the four kindest girls of March who have their own different destinations. And also I am a atheist, this has to be clarify before I continue.

When I got home, I started to read this masterpiece immediately. The story began with the Christmas was coming to town, and after finished several chapters, I realized this is a Christian novel. I am a fast reader, soon I finished all the entire book. It was good, but at some level, I was not that much into this book. There was something I didn’t appreciate it, something deep down in my heart, I knew this feeling, I knew it told me that I do not totally like this yarn. I know what I would like to be when I really enjoy a book. However, this time, I was not.

I mean, I love those March sisters, and the town neighbors around them. Meg is a great oldest sister, she is kind, mature and responsible to her other sisters. She is gonna to be a terrific wife and truly she is. Jo, the independent and gutsy boyish girl, she is a dreamer in that time. Beth, my fave, her leave made me sad all day. Amy, vivacious and clever, and struggle for art, only a little selfish. Those four sisters are wonderful person, if they are alive, I’d like to be best friend with them.

The thing I do not appreciate may be is the writing, or the story telling, or too much preaching. I think the book shows us a good moral atmosphere, but apparently in a wrong way. All the personalities are wonderful, but the whole story seems a little fake, or too nice, even on my fave Beth’s death.

Other people around me say it is a good book, but I have opinion in a different way. And it’s not a matter of taste!

So do you have any book you read and do not like it but yet your best friends rave about it? Share yourself here.

Nevertheless, I found the sound tracks of Little Women movie are amazing, you should listen them too. Detail information.

Bitter Gourd Challenge My Picky Tongue

bitter gourd still not mature

This stuff is the thorn in my side when I was a kid, I barely eat them. I would say they look a little bit strange out there, and taste like bitter than goldthread. But my parents told me it’s good for healthy in summer, and encouraged me to eat more.

Today, as a grownup, I can eat these bitter melon with a bad grace. In terms of my knowledge, I wonder why there is a so huge difference on flavor between the Cucurbitaceae category, like the watermelon and brinish calabash. They both grow up in summer, one is sweet and the other is pungent and sharp.

One of my supper food last week was bitter gourd and egg, it’s quite a simple recipe to DIY at home.

bitter gourd with eggs and tomato

bitter gourd with eggs and tomato, you gonna love it

So the prompt ask me about which flavor I have to give up, so you may already have my answer in your mind. Bitter is the taste which I am sure not a fan but also for most of people. You can say it’s kind of human nature. This is the answer attach to the question per se, but I shall say I can still handle with bitter food.

Here are the evidences to prove me right about the “most of people” part: