The Banqi and Marked Cards

Banqi with Chinese chess pieces

Banqi with Chinese chess pieces, original taste and flavour.

There is a game we used to play when we are children, we play the game with the Chinese chess. The game’s name is Banqi, the rules is just simple and we all have fun playing with friends. All the pieces are faced down so that no one can tell what symbols the piece represents. And then we play the game by turning up a piece in turn. Here I am saying, sometimes, you may be play some tricks if you own the box of chess. The Chinese chess are always made of woods, so inevitably wood marks on them, that is why some clever children can rig the game if they familiar with the ideas.

Yes, frankly speaking, I was one of those clever children. I noticed the trick which was come up on my own. Now you see mindfulness has it’s own benefits. I always won the games between my friends and was very happy about the results. Now I am a grown up man, instead of playing chess, I am now play pokers. And I know some process of card games cheating which frequently used by card sharps, for instance, the pre-marked deck of cards, the traditional way cut-out and the high-level tact Daub. What I am saying is those skill make me think about the old days when I was just playing for fun during the Banqi. Sad things happen when people choose the money.

This video is about how to play Banqi. The pieces are different, but you can get the concept.


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