Avoid Heat In Your Hair At Summer

Now it is summer time again, air temperature is getting hotter and hotter. Every guy with short hair sweats a lot, not to mention girls who have long hairs. We get the point of keeping hair grow to a extent, which is make girls more beautiful, but are there anything we can do to immensely reduce the heat in our hair that make us hot and sweaty. I am not an expert at this stuff, just try to give some advice.

Trim Your Hair

The most effective method I can think is the get you a haircut, trim the long hair into short hair. I know, most girls would kill themselves rather than shave their hair off, but you have to admit, this is the most straightforward troubleshooting. I don’t understand what mechanism is behind the beauty of long hair, but as I know, most girls with short hair are still looking good, for example, Emma Watson, hum, is she look fantastic and gorgeous with her short hair style(secretly I love her appearance more when she had long hair). With trimmed and bobbed hair, you save a big amount of time than long hair on taking good care and enough protection, let alone extremely decrease and even avoid overheat which would makes you more irritable and agitated in the fervent summer.

Emma Watson with short hair style

Emma Watson with short hair style

Get a Pony Tail

Move to Plan B if you don’t want to lose your precious long hair, which is to get yourself a pony tail hairstyle. Pony tail may not suit for longhairs whose hair length reaches upper arm and more, so those people may cut off a little bit of their hair. Anyhow, it’s a way that wearing your hair up, leave your nape and ears to be reached by air. That way, heat and perspiration could get away soon before they stock up and make you feel hot.

beautiful woman with low ponytail

beautiful woman with low ponytail

Above are two valid methods to cool your head. There may be others methods, like using a fan, combing your hair often, avoiding directly exposure under raging sunlight by holding a umbrella etc, but those are just supplementary means, you may do no matter what length of your hair is. Check here to see other people say about their feeling to long hair when it’s hot outside.

Books And Arts About Human

If an extraterrestrial comes to me and ask me for introduction about human, I’ll be surprised. He (OK, I don’t know how to call that intelligent being) literally run into me and speak to me as if it is totally fine in terms of so many conspiracy theories on earth like Mars attacks Earth that cover bad reputations over them. That being said, I should pretend I am cool and recommend some great books and arts that human tell about their own stories.

The first book comes into my mind is The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. When I started to read that book recommended by some smart people, I was totally astonished by the very new thoughts which describe our inherent genes being self-centred and take what they take. If you wanna start learning about human, start from the inside nature. Here I should stress a point that don’t be misled by the name of the book, it is a way of metaphor, the genes act like a selfish man but in fact they are unintentional.

Then you wanna learn the history of human from thousands of years ago to current time. There is an old saying from Chinese:”Take history as a mirror “, history is important, not only for our human being, but also gives views to aliens. Learn the birth and doom of civilizations, study the life of ancient people in different periods, research how the history was going on and predict the future, those would make something clear.

I am not sure there would be just one movie that conclude all human society and behaviors, it’s better to watch several great movies. What I recommend include Wall E, Forrest Gump, Mary and Max and so on. Those movies cover several themes of human, such as love, future, striving, history, confusion, degeneration, different, imperfection, intelligent and more. There is no one word that would declare what is human about.

As for songs, all pop song lists don’t count. Instead listen to light music, especially New Age music will give you some clews about what is the real art of human.

Well, I think that’s it, that alien life would at least not get himself lost in this new world to him according my recommendations. But what I really want to say is, taking me away with you, please, I’d like to see the wonderful stars and galaxies in universe.

This is today’s prompt, https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/worldly-encounters/

New Star Hair Introduction

Recently I haven’t wrote any post for months, now it’s the time to restart. Today’s writing subject is to introduce a new website to public, a website dedicated on selling hair products and share hair knowledge, the New Star Hair.

One of my friend, asked me if I can help her on her new website, so I say Yes. Because why not? She is doing fine and serious about her new business, and really want to go for a long way. She is one of my friends(yes, I have many friends), and I know her well, so here today, I would like to promote this total new website for her as a favor.

So what does this New Star Hair do? It’s business goal armed at human hair extensions and wigs market. It’s a huge market, to be noticed, millions of women and girls buy themselves several hair extensions every year. Why they wanna do that, as from a man’s view, the hair work is so cumbersome. But girls love this type of beauty product, for it will bring them a better looking, which make their hair more thicker than natural hair. I’ve checked out some before and after pictures on luxy hair and bellamihair, the final appearance surely does improve a lot than original view. I guess that’s the main reason why it is such a hot sale product in the beauty world. As goes with the saying, who doesn’t love becoming more beautiful and attractive.

The major product on New Star Hair is virgin human hair, can be applied for extensions, wigs, closures. Also provide customers with original nature bulk hair and hair weaves, and even some hair care tools and hair processing tools. I should explain you about the concept of virgin hair first, the virgin hair is totally 100% human hair, which means they are cut off from a real woman, fully and consistently. And do not been processed in any way, definitely chemical free. According to what I know, this is the highest level of hair extensions you could get in the market, besides are all synthetic hair which are artificially made and last less that human hair.

Here is the official website of New Star Hair: https://www.newstarvirginhair.com/. If you like trying hair extensions, you could give a try.

From searches data on google, Brazilian hair is the hottest hair products that are preferred by many wholesale buyers and hair fans. Next pop star is Peruvian hair extensions and Indian hair, they both sold on New Star Hair. Those different types of country hair materials sometimes make a big different from each other with their own specialty, but most of hair users do not own the ability to tell one from another, also the good ones and bad ones.

They also start out a blog for hair knowledge and tutorials, it’s now new and not so much content on it. But I was told the blog will be more integrated and abundant, the goal is to cover all the information you can find on hair, topics like hair products, hair itself, hair care, and hair loss and so on. By the way, my friend, she is a very good writer and content creator.

I should really consider update this blog again and every day, I am now also interest in fashion style, like this hair stuff and other beauty information. So I created a new category named fashion taste.

Justifying Aliens’ Existence

The fascinating way of proving something that we can not prove it through actual being or pictures is logic. Examples like ghost, human’s future and extraterrestrial life are unable to directly attest, but with the help of logical power, we can at least have pretty varieties of valid arguments. Because logic itself can’t be wrong, otherwise we are not real, everything we’ve seen and built could be random and inconstant. Without logic, we can not reason, deduce, analysis, argue, persuade, nothing would be done. If we put ourselves in this reasonable fashion, then we are sure to be able to see the truth hidden from common sense.

Now If you are on the same page with me, I am going to justify the very existence of aliens, even the intelligent ones.

1. We, earthlings, are virtually lives

If there is a bunch of living beings far far away from us lives on another galaxy, there would be time for them to wonder if any aliens exist. And guess what? We are the aliens to them metaphysically. The existence of us tells two important messages, one is this world does have lives, another is this universe allow lives to dwell.

2. Think about just how tremendous the universe is

It won’t be hard to find out the diameter of our observable universe, that is 93 billion light years. It literally means one would spend 93 billion years to accomplish the full journey. And think about how many galaxies intersperse within and how many planets a galaxy owns. That’s just googol. With this large distribution, it’s hard to believe there ain’t any alien lives. And according to a 2013 study, habitable earth-like planets are just more common across universe than we thought before.

3. We may 1 billion years late

The current age of universe is 13.8 billion years, and our dear earth is just 4.54 billion years. The majority of stars and galaxies formations started at about one billion years after the big bang, so probably during this duration, other forms of vita have already developed high civilizations, way earlier than us. You know how to draw a graph of technology development from thousands of years ago to now, yeah, it is a curve, and the curvature will be more steep along with time, and one billion years is enough to mark as distinct.

4. Everywhere of our universe shares the same periodic table

So we need hydrogen, oxygen and carbon to support our system, they are the most common materials you can find all over the world, so do other places. We are alive, they can too.

5. Primordial soup is yummy

With that time, that abundant common elements, transformations are easy to happen in primordial soup of planets, organic compounds are no problems to be formed. And once it happened, it wouldn’t easy to be vanished totally, think about all the extinction events earth got caught.

I may go on, but that’s it. I must say, every single argument can not 100 percent guarantee the corollary, but as a matter of logic, with all combined, it is a cinch that a alien does exists. Although science and logicality are all rigorous and serious about all stuff, a rough but reliable sense which caused by logic can give us a right way to validity. Many a time, we do have no downright evidence about something, but we always figure out what to do aright, because many things we can’t prove yet, but deep down our sane heart, we think they are the ones to pursue, thanks to our logic system.

Good prompt, this one, Do or Die, and I am indeed serious about science.

Playlist of the Week


To Life from Fiddler on the Roof

It’s a new week, brand new without any flaws. Just open my arms to live through, no matter whatever comes, to life!


Crash from Mr Bean’s Holiday

Way too fast, but don’t slow down, life is not easy anyhow.


Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream from Super Simple Songs

I am getting hungry, wanna some delicious  food.


We Are The Champions from Queen

We are the destined to be winners and never stop fighting.


Friday from Rebecca Black

I don’t like this song much, but it’s Friday.


Give Your Heart a Break from Demi Lovato

Now it’s weekend, have a break for yourself


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This is my playlist of the week.